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Church Street Ballroom Vintage Decor Pieces Will Live on Within CityArts' New Event Courtyard

CityArts unveiled its vision of its new courtyard expansion project January 11th at a fundraiser called Ford-ify the Arts, A Gallery Celebration at the historic Rogers Kiene Building, the present home of CityArts Orlando .

The planned courtyard, designed by Interstruct Design + Build (Instagram), will be built on the lot directly adjacent to the Gallery building at 39 S. Magnolia Avenue in downtown Orlando (MAP).

The design features repurposed vintage building materials and accessories from the Church Street Ballroom at 225 S Garland Ave (MAP). The proposed courtyard rendering (see below) incorporates antique bricks, iron gates and steel trusses along with other materials from the ballroom. 

The site the ballroom currently sits on at 225 S Garland Ave (MAP) will eventually become the new home of Tower Two of the Church Street Station project and a next door neighbor of the in-construction Bumby Arcade Food Hall.

The Church Street Station project is managed by Lincoln Property Company. When they learned of the courtyard project and its connection to Orlando’s oldest commercial building (circa 1886), they offered their services to repurpose some of the the decorative ballroom materials. Lincoln is taking careful consideration to maintain, retain, and design valuable pieces of historical Church Street Ballroom into the Church Street Station project. 

The courtyard expansion project is estimated to cost $600,000 including the in-kind contribution from Lincoln Property.

Rendering of the new CityArts Courtyard in Downtown Orlando done by Interstruct
Credit: Interstruct. Provided by CityArts.


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