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You'll Never Have to Call City Hall Again Thanks to City's New Website

Hang up and try out the City's New Website Currently in Beta Testing!

"Do y'all recycle straws?"

The City of Orlando’s Digital Services Team has officially launched the beta version of the City's new website at Following the Beta testing period and more input from the community, the city plans to launch the final version in early 2019.

The City says the site reduces residents’ needs to visit City Hall or to call city staff by providing access to the 60 most asked-for city services online. Find them all at the following links:

What is beta? According to Lifewire, a beta test is a limited release of a product or service with a goal of finding bugs before the final release. Part of the City's Beta launch is collecting resident feedback. Submit that here.

The beta version of the website has been in development since mid-2017. The Alpha version of the City's website launched summer 2017, and was a jumping off point for tackling 13 initial city services, testing the workflow for online submissions in place of paper forms and working with department leaders on input and key priorities. Throughout this process, the city’s digital team removed bugs, surveyed residents for feedback and spoke with the community.


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