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Chronic Taco Shop Coming to Orlando

New taco restaurant will also offer burritos, tostada bowls, tortas, taquitos, flautas, and salads!

The first Orlando location of Chronic Tacos is in the works for a Restaurant Row shopping center at 7541 D Sand Lake Rd. No opening date has been announced.

The Chronic Tacos menu includes burritos, tostada bowls, tortas, taquitos, flautas, salads and of course tacos. It also includes breakfast versions of burrito, bowl-rito, and taco. Read the Full Menu.

They sell something unique called a potato taco: corn tortilla filled with mashed potatoes and cheese deep fried and made to order. Ft Myers food reviewer Jean Le Boeuf said they were "...taco magic, fatty and heavenly with a crackling shell that caves to a velvety potato center."

The chain has Florida locations in Ft Myers and Tampa Bay and one coming soon to Vero Beach. Chronic can be found as far away as the Ginza District Tokyo. The owner of Chronic recently opened a new fast casual deli concept, Tower 48, in Newport Beach this year.

Free tacos for a year will go to the first 20 people who enter Chronic Tacos on opening day if they do in Orlando what they did in Spokane.

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