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Sanford rhinoceros was given a new - and larger - custom made brush by a local cow brush maker

A farm equipment manufacturer in Sanford called FutureCow (Website) recently partnered with the Central Florida Zoo (Website) in Sanford to create a custom brush for their greater one-horned rhinoceros named PJ.

With its motion sensor, the brush begins to rotate any time PJ approaches it, and he is able to interact with it whenever he chooses.

The company made several visits to the zoo to obtain specific measurements and designed a version of its product called ComfortBrush for the rhino. It's larger and more durable than the normal version which is designed to clean and exfoliate the skin of cows.

Since installation, FutureCow has made minor modifications to improve PJ's interactions with the brush.

“We're thrilled about this partnership with a local company based right here in Seminole County,” Dino Ferri, CEO of the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens said. “It's a win-win situation. They've created a dynamic, interactive enrichment item for one of our largest animals, and it helps showcase a locally owned company to zoos everywhere.” Guests can visit PJ and see his new brush daily 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Central Florida Zoo.


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