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"The Canopy" is Now the Name of the City of Winter Park Library & Events Center

Winter Park City Council approved naming the campus of the Winter Park Library and Events Center "The Canopy" Monday May 14th during a council meeting in City Hall. The park in which the campus is located will remain "Dr Martin Luther King, Jr Park."

"Only in Winter Park could you experience approvable eminence." -Library Task Force description of The Canopy

The name "The Canopy" came from a City Commission-authorized Task Force led by a branding expert (Evolve Design Group, Inc.). The group met three times under the direction of Evolve to develop a brand and name for the campus and facilities.

Library Task Force's description: "Canopy: Accentuated by natural surroundings and architectural intent, this campus evokes a sensation of wonder, learning and open opportunity. The transparency of the walls give way to the feeling of inclusions while the curvature of the corners suggest that all are welcome. Only in Winter Park could you experience approvable eminence. Welcome to The Canopy. "

During the public comments section of the City Council meeting Monday May 14th, feedback ranged from suggesting it be called MLK Center because of the black-owned homes taken through eminent domain to create MLK park. No positive thoughts about the name "The Canopy" were expressed by any of the public commenters.

The design of the library consists of a micro-village of three pavilions: a library, an event center and a welcome pavilion. They will have a porous relationship between interior and exterior with large windows underneath sweeping arches. The large arches were inspired both by plants and the region’s vernacular architecture.



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