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Blue Bird Bake Shop Returning in August

Bluebird Bake Shop at 3122 Corrine Drive (MAP) hope to re-open in early August according to a recent post on their Facebook page. After being closed for months during which repairs on their collapsed ceiling and flood damage took place, they plan on releasing new cupcake flavors and new sweet & savory baked goods upon re-opening.

Special Note: We've been covering BlueBird Bake Shop since 2010. They started around the time we did. Read our coverage. We have a special place in our heart for this brand because of that and hope the owners have a great re-opening in August.

Hello Bluebird Family! We apologize for any inconvenience as we have been closed for a few months now. As you know, our bakery had a major flood and our ceiling collapsed, therefore, we were forced to close a few months for the repairs. We are now ready to go in our shop and fill up the bakery with goodies so we can open our shop soon. We are hoping to open the beginning on August. We have new flavors and yummy sweet and savory treats! Please stay tuned! If you placed any special orders before we had this major ceiling problem please send us an inbox and someone will respond ASAP. Stay tuned.
Marisol Serrano Manager


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