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VIDEO: Orlando Police Release Footage of #BlackLivesMatter Mural Being Altered


Thursday evening the Orlando Police released video footage filmed June 26th showing people making alterations to the large scale Black Lives Matter mural in downtown Orlando.

The people in the video spray painted phrases in support of the Black Lives Matter movement including "abolish the police," "defund OPD," and "not enough."

The mural, paid for by the City of Orlando, was seen by some in the Black Lives Matter movement as a meaningless gesture by the City. Read the Orlando Weekly story about that HERE.

Watch the 5 minute video HERE.

The video was captured using two mounted IRIS cameras just before 11:30pm.

The alterations were painted over by the city the following day.

The video was shared by Orlando Police on their social media. It is currently viewing the alterations as graffiti. It is asking anyone with information about the people in the video to call CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS(8477).

Screenshot from the video released Thursday July 2nd of the June 26th defacing of a large mural on Rosalind Avenue in Downtown Orlando. Courtesy City of Orlando Police Department.


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