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Bagel Bruno + Foxtail Coffee Coming to College Park This Month

Bagel Bruno (Website) is having its grand opening November 24 and 24 8am-6pm at its new location at 3405 Edgewater Drive (MAP) in College Park.

Bagel Bruno is a Montreal style bagel concept developed by Orlando based brands Foxtail Coffee Co. (Instagram) and Pizza Bruno (Instagram).

The restaurant will offer hearth fired bagels along with a full Foxtail coffee menu.

The bagels are made in house daily, created with a naturally leavened sourdough that's boiled with malt syrup for a vegan safe, but authentic, Montreal style bagel. Each bagel is hand-rolled and baked in a inside a Forza Forni (Instagram) commercial brick oven from Italy.

The spread flavors include espresso, peanut butter honey, strawberry, tofu whipped spread, and chive.

The bagel flavors include plain, salt, rye, sesame seed, everything and cinnamon-golden raisin according to Orlando Weekly.


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