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Aardvark Beverages Restaurant Set to Open This Month

Aardvark Beverages at 2610 South Ferncreek Ave is scheduled to open its new restaurant Wednesday July 11th according to one of the two female owners, Ashlee Casserly.

Aardvark Beverages is a locally owned craft beer, wine, keg, and draft tech store. It also features a full service coffee bar.

The restaurant's menu will include an assortment of flatbreads, salads and soups. The starters and sides menu will feature cuban sliders, sticky Asian wings, mac & cheese, perogies and more.

The interior seating area is made up of four large plush banquettes and several smaller wooden tables and chairs. An outdoor seating area will soon open behind the store.

The sliding window at the coffee bar will soon offer walk up service.


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