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A City-Owned Website Selling Local Maker Goods Just Might Happen

One way to sell a city is to show and sell what locals make. The presence of retail creativity similar to what they see in cities they respect tells the tourists this city isn't without substance.

A screen grab of Colossal Shop was featured in the presentation to the City by Prismatic. They used it to show the look/feel they'd use for the City's revamped downtown website.

Prismatic, the company responsible for the new look, functionality and purpose of the Downtown Information Center, wants to use one of the inventive facets they're adding to the center to promote downtown online: the selling of local maker goods.

On March 23rd they presented the City with a concept for the redesign of its website ( that involves online sales of the merchandise it plans to carry and sell inside the information center. Local brands listed as potential participants on the site include Orlando Shirts, Ashley Heafy, Darling Clutch Company, Siefferman Ceramics, Hellcats, Naked Bar Soap Co. and many more. Beyond merchandise, they also offered up local edible brands selling chocolate, coffee, kombucha and honey.

City of Orlando Information Officer Cassandra Lafser said, "This process is in the very early discussion phase. We do not have a timeline for the redesigned website."

In their presentation to the City, they said "Visitors and locals begin their experience with DTO (downtown Orlando) online. They shop online. They explore events and possibilities online. They connect and share new finds with friends online. For this reason, while we work on our brick and mortar storefront experience (inside the Downtown Information Center), we need to also create a pixel and clicks storefront to extend its reach online."


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