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40 Acre Farm & Educational Campus Coming to Packing District

A 40 acre farm and educational campus called 4Roots Campus (Website) is coming to the Packing District from the 4R Foundation (Website). The project, built to address food insecurity, will include classrooms, greenhouses, discovery center, special event barn, restaurant, discovery center according to Orlando Sentinel.

From the 4Roots Campus website:


Broken food system that is not nourishing people or our planet

  • Too many hungry children. One in five students in OCPS don’t know where their next meal will come from.

  • Too many diet-related illnesses. For the first time, our children will have a shorter lifespan due in part to illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

  • Too many chemicals. 98% of the farms in the United States are chemical dependent. 0.1% of pesticides reach pests, the rest pollutes our ecosystem.

  • Too much food waste. Despite 41 million Americans lacking consistent access to food, 30% of the US food supply goes to waste every year.


Healthy, sustainable regional food system

  • Children nourished by food grown locally. An end to childhood food insecurity in Central Florida, with kids connected to fresh local produce.

  • Farmers thriving in harmony with nature. Local farmers making an honest living doing what they do best, growing food and being good land stewards.

  • Food that is valued, not wasted. A community that knows where their food comes from, choosing food that is local and seasonal.

  • Our local economy prospering. Our community supporting local food businesses – from growing to distributing to preparing and serving.


Create a community crossroads for education, innovation and action

  • Farmers learning new techniques. Local farmers and agriculture students experiment with leading-edge technologies in a risk-free environment.

  • Students learning about food & farming. OCPS students explore why food matters and how they can participate in food and farming careers.

  • Families connecting food & health. Parents and children learn how to source and prepare nutritious, delicious and affordable meals.

  • A community inspired to take action. Individuals, organizations and leaders exchange ideas and take action to build a better food future.


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