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4Roots Cafe bringing new concept in dining and informal learning to Orlando Science Center

We told you in July that Orlando Science Center, the 4Rivers restaurant chain, and the 4Roots Farm were collaborating on the currently-empty restaurant space inside the center at 777 E Princeton Street (MAP).

The name of the new restaurant concept is 4Roots Cafe.

It's scheduled to open in October.

The restaurant will offer sandwiches, salads, and bowls for around $10 in both grab and go and customizable formats according to Orlando Magazine.

The cafe will bring "an immersive, living exhibit and dining experience that will engage and educate youth and the general public on where their food comes from, the latest innovations in Florida farming, causes of food waste and more," according to a recent email from the center.

Key components include the following:

  1. a living wall

  2. cooking and farming demonstrations

  3. interactive videos

  4. food hero exhibits

  5. kids activities

  6. sustainable menu offerings


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