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16 Selfie Walls Coming to Thornton Park Parking Garage

The owner of this Thornton Park parking garage wants folks to know about it, so 16 artists were chosen to paint murals all over the place. This creates a place for folks to come and shoot selfies or just tour and enjoy.

Looking for a place to show off your new hobo mee-maw blouse while also showing love for your city? Wanna hold a melting vegan cruelty-free ice cream cone shaped like a swan in front of something new? Need a place to film your self peeing at 3am? Your online persona is about to jushed to the gods thanks to 16 new selfie murals going up inside the Thornton Park parking garage. They're being designed and painted by 100% local artists. The reason for the mural project is to bring attention to this centralized parking garage that's always empty during the week. 

All 16 murals are scheduled to be complete by April 7th.

The theme of each mural is "What does Thornton Park mean to you?" The organizers, Thornton Park Main Street, didn't want to heavily curate the concepts by making the artists send in finished ideas for consideration. Instead, the request for submissions simply asked the artists to send in samples of past work.


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