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What's a Ghost Kitchen?


Ghost kitchens, also known as cloud kitchens, are delivery-only restaurants. There are no dining rooms, tables, or chairs. There is just a kitchen. The only way customers can order from ghost kitchens is through delivery apps like Uber Eats and GrubHub. The food is also delivered by these services.


Ghost kitchens have begun popping up across the country thanks to the proliferation and popularity of these delivery apps. Restaurant businesses either build their own ghost kitchens or rent from businesses that contain multiple kitchen commissary spaces in one building like Kitchen United and CloudKitchens.


Often, a ghost kitchen business isn't cooking and selling just one brand and menu. They can put several brands on delivery apps and use one kitchen in which to cook it all.


Established restaurants and food trucks looking to create a delivery-only business outside their restaurants use ghost kitchens. Entrepreneurs use them as a less-expensive way to test a concept or create a full-fledged business.


You may have heard the term virtual restaurant. This is not a ghost or cloud kitchen. According to the New York Times, a virtual restaurant is "attached to real-life restaurants... but make different cuisines specifically for the delivery apps."


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Orlando Area Ghost Kitchens Open for Business:

Ghost Kitchen Orlando

Ghost Kitchen Orlando offer lunches, prepared meals and catering. For lunch they offer salads, power bowls. sandwiches, and sides. The prepared meals come in packs of 4, 8 and 12. Meals include Cod Cakes, Beef Bourguignon, BBQ Pork, Salmon, Chicken Parmesan, Herb Chicken, Ravioli Lasagna, Ropa Vieja and more. Their catering option offers sandwich trays, boxed lunches, party platters, salads and more.


Website | Facebook | Instagram

Phone: (407) 504-7844

Email: hello@ghostkitchenorlando.com

Address: 7648 Southland Blvd, Suite 109, Orlando, FL 32809

Kitchen AF

Kitchen AF offers full individual menus of pastas, subs, burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, deli sandwiches, ribs, wings, burritos, salads, and more.


Website | Facebook | Instagram

Phone: (407) 478-7789

Email: https://www.kitchenaf.online/contact-us

Address: 3580 Aloma Ave, Suite 10, Winter Park, FL 32792






Orlando Area Ghost Kitchens In the Works:



CloudKitchens® – Orlando

CloudKitchens® rents individual kitchen spaces to delivery-only restaurant tenants. An Orlando location is in the works within the existing building located at at 18 N. Dollins Avenue. It is proposed to contain 41 commercial kitchens.


Phone: Unknown

Email: Unknown

Address: 18 N Dollins Ave, Orlando, FL 32805


Jimmy Hula Ghost Kitchen Concept

Jimmy Hula's will be opening a ghost kitchen in the former Darland Bakery space in the Milk District. It will house several self-created delivery-only brands.


Phone: (407) 790-7838

Email: info@jimmyhulas.com

Ghost Kitchen Address: 2425 E. South St, Orlando, FL 32803

Website | Facebook | Instagram