Love your city.

We absolutely love Orlando. We love the swans, the lake and the fountain. And sure there's more to this city than that, but we feel like much of it starts at the city center and moves outwards. 


We love the suburbs. We love downtown. We love apartment complexes, planned communities and historic homes. We recognize that not everyone travels a 100 year old brick road to work everyday. Most live on highways, shop at their plaza and never leave their cars. 

Our city is thought to be this transient, inconsistent. Locals stay here for a lifetime, building relationships with their neighbors, their locally-owned businesses, volunteer organizations and their City government. 


Here's the thing, we believe that there is nothing to defend anymore. We're beyond saying Orlando Doesn't Suck. We believe that Orlando is wonderful. Orlando has forests and cement jungles, giant corporations and tech startups, hotel pools and natural springs, national touring musical acts and Park Ave CDs, big chains and tiny locally owned shops. And yes, swans and that blinky fountain. 


Open your eyes with us each week, get up and do amazing things in your city and prove to yourself each day that...

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