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Will's Pub Mills Ave | Hillbilly Humpdays

Will's Pub (1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803) does "Hillbilly Humpday" one Wednesday a month to feature local and regional country, blue grass, alt-country, swamp punk and other forms of music with what may be considered a "southern twist." In addition to the Hillbilly musical motif, patrons are encouraged to guzzle down $1 canned domestic beers from 10pm-12am. It's likely many of them are able to down enough $1 beers to more than compensate for the cost of entry (generally ranging from $5-$6.)

The August 24, 2011 edition of Hillbilly Humpdays (9pm, $6, 18+) will feature Lake Worth's Viva Le Vox, described as, "a ragtag group of ne’er do-wells hailing from the swamps and shores of southeast Florida. They have a sound that’s hard to describe, influenced by everything from the sleaziest Dixieland jazz to the most sordid punk rock. The sound is by turns loud, fast, and’s uneasy listening, crafted for discerning musical misfits everywher…

Before Dawn graduated from theatre to DIY music

Before Dawn is performing their only Central Florida show Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at Will's Pub (1042 N. Mills Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803, 407.898.5070). They're a couple of theatre majors from UCF who INsite Magazine called a “super hot DIY Duo who makes sexy, nerdy, dance music with heavy beats, epic rock guitars, and experimental pop aesthetics."

Toasting competition at Wills Pub July 28

Tod Caviness hosts a FREE night of competitive toasting (as in "May you be in heaven half an hour before etc etc" toasting) at Will's Pub (1040 N. Mills Ave., Orlando). Oh, and spoken word too. 9 p.m. Tuesday, July 28 (sign-ups for Toast-Off begin at 8:30)

Originally conceived by touring poet and drinker Christian Drake, competitive toasting was an idea too strange not to steal. The first ever Speakeasy Toast-Off is a throwdown open to all comers. Competitors will go head-to-head, improvising toasts on a random array of subjects ranging from "artificial limbs" to "spanking". This odd and increasingly drunken display will be decided by our celebrity judges:

- Katie Ball (Oak Hill Drifters songbird, radio host, cultural barometer)
- Mark Baratelli (Improv impresario, Fringe superduperstar, Blog personage)
- Jenn Harton (McRaney's Tavern bartender, professional smartass)

The top two toasters will recieve FREE BEER for the duration of the match, and the Gr…

Toasting Competiton- Will's Pub

This might be amazing. July 28th (dunno what time yet, I just got the preliminary info) a "toasting competiton" will be held at Will's Pub hosted by Tod Caviness (Orlando Sentinel, Poetry Vending Machine). "Its toasting as in "may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead" toasting. Head-to-head elimination format. The host draws random cards to give the two toasters a subject, and they have like 30 seconds to come up with something. Toasts must begin traditionally with a "Here's to ..." or "May ...," and both competitors must take a healthy swig after each toast. Judges pick their favorite, best of three rounds wins the match."Tod says "It'll be like short attention span slam, only improv. And drunk." And I am gonna be one of the celebrity judges! Woo!

Will's Pub Low Dough Mondays: 7pm-11pm

Florida Quarterly Noise Report

Florida Quarterly Noise Report is coming up Saturday June 27th at 2pm at Wills Pub (1040 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL | MAP) with 30 bands each playing 15 minute sets.

Friday June 26th will be the PRE-Florida Quarterly Noise Report Gala featuring art, video installations and sound installations at Stardust Video and Coffee at 8pm (1842 E. Winter Park road, Orlando, FL | MAP). Brian Feldman, Pat Greene, Forest Young, Greg leibowitz, Sean Repplier, Jessica Earley, Nelson Hallonquist and Jimmy Schaus.

Becky Osborne-Phillips shoots Orlando

Opening reception (with free "delicious finger foods and snacky cakes") for the photo exhibit People You Know & Things You Shouldn't (Facebook), "Miriphoto's exploration through unusual portraiture of people known in Orlando's art community," is June 19 from 6pm-9pm. All the work is done by Becky Osborne-Phillips. $5 cover after 9PM. Come for the art, stay for the bands The Little Debbies and Gargamel. Will's Pub (1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803)

Spoken word returns to Will's Pub

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"Backroom Words," hosted by Patrick Scott Barnes, returns to Will's Pub and opens January 6, 2009 at 9pm. "Open mic poetry the way it oughta be. For all you spring chickens, the Backroom Words was one of the longest-running open mikes in Orlando. Before Speakeasy (hell, before the Iraq War) PSB was holding it down. The Backroom Words was and shall be the night with the highest potential for nudity of any open mic in town. Sorry about your New Year's sobriety resolutions."