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Occupy Orlando

By Thor

The Occupy Wall Street demonstration in NYC has caused similar demonstrations across the country. Occupy Orlando began at 8am on Saturday October 15th at the Orlando Chamber of Commerce. The protest's aim was to unite the 99% of Americans struggling to survive today's economy. The organizers asked people to come out not just as individuals but as participating citizens of society. I parked several blocks away expecting a large crowd. As I walked closer I heard the voices over loudspeakers. The crowd wasn't as large as I expected. There were perhaps a hundred people in the public park carrying signs and milling about. There were so many cameras that I thought the media accounted for a quarter of the people there.

I immediately focused on the group of people meditating. I set up my artist stool and started to sketch. As I got lost in the details I relaxed and the din of the demonstrators grew quiet. The first person at the mic was a singer who unfortunately sang off ke…

Piano Bar Cabaret

By Thor

Amanda Chadwick gathered some friends together for brunch at Dexter's (808 East Washington Street.) Tables were pushed together to accommodate everyone. Everyone ordered Mimosa's or juice. My omelet was reasonably good but lacking in spices. After we ate some of us went to Parliament House (410 North Orange Blossom Trail) for the Sunday Piano Bar Cabaret that occurs every week from 1pm to 4pm.

When Terry and I arrived, Kelly Richards was still setting up. He draped a black cloth over two small tables and used that to support his electronic piano. A tall tips chalice was rimmed with Mardi Gras beads. Amanda, Denna Beena and Travis Fillmen were already there. Mark Baratelli arrived soon after us. Mark performed early in the line up. He sang a Jason Robert Brown song but he improvised all the lyrics. It was pure genius and hilarious. I was surprised when Terry got up to sing. She sang "Send in the Clowns" tentatively at first then with feeling. It felt as if she…

Britt Daley Recording Session

By: Thor

Britt Daley invited me to sketch the recording session for her new song, "One and Only." Sound Lounge Studios is located near Full Sail University. I pulled into the complex of warehouses and wondered if I was in the right place. I passed rusted out cars as I drove to the back of the complex. The sound studio door was open. I hesitated, then pushed my way in. I half expected to see an automotive strip shop. Inside it was dark. All the walls were painted black. As my eyes adjusted, Britt welcomed me. She introduced me to Mike Stebe, the sound designer. She apologized and said they were going out for lunch. That was perfect since I hadn't eaten all day. I got in the back seat of Britt's car. As we drove to Whole Foods she popped in the CD they had been refining in the morning. The car stereo speakers were right behind my head. It took me a minute before I realized I was listening to Britt singing. "Are you gonna be my one and only or you gonna leave me ha…

@OrlandoSentinel Best Bets: Best Local Blogger is @AnalogArtist

Congratulations to fellow local blogger Thomas Thorspecken for winning Best Local Blogger in the Orlando Sentinel "Best Bests" 2011. He is most deserving as his blog features stunning original artwork and well-written event summaries. Congratulations! Also congratulations to food blogger TastyChomps for being named in the top three. His blog is also very good and comprehensive, covering everything food in Orlando. We also can't help but love the minor typo seen above.

Thomas Thorspecken | Episode 9

Daily City Episode 9

Thomas Thorspecken, a contributor to The Daily City, has run his own blog Analog Artist Digital World for two years now. On his blog, he posts a sketch a day of an Orlando event. We had the opportunity to speak with him about his blog, how it got started and run through his top ten event sketches for 2010.

Thor Sketches the Audience

By Thomas Thorspecken

This staged performance, where I sketched an audience at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater, would never have happened if friends I had met over the last year and a half of sketching had not stepped in to help. Aradhana Tiwari invited me to take over the theater for one night and Brian Feldman had the vision for this show close to a year ago. The staging consisted of me sitting in a lone spotlight facing the audience and doing what I do every day - sketch. One video camera shot the sketch I was working on and projected the image on the theater wall behind me, while another camera, operated by Brian, shot footage of the audience just as in a baseball or football game. This would be the first time my work process was ever projected bigger than life for an audience to scrutinize. At leastthree video cameras were recording the proceedings the whole time. This has to be the most documented event I have ever been a part of. The program gave the audience plenty to read a…

Thomas Thorspecken Sketches the Audience

Based on an idea by Brian Feldman, Thomas Thorspecken sketched an audience of about thirty Sunday night, September 5, 2010, inside one of the theatres in the Orlando Shakes building. In the middle of the stage was a screen showing Thorspecken's hands, pen and book as he worked. On the left side of the stage was Thorspecken, bathed in a spotlight. On the other side of the stage was Brian Feldman showing live video feed closeups of each audience member as they were being sketched.

Available: Brian Feldman Poses For Sketch Artist

By Thomas Thorspecken
Contributing Writer

For the entire month of August, performance artist Brian Feldman has decided to make himself "Available" to do anything you need help with. Do you need your washed? Laundry folded? Lawn mowed? Dog walked? Dinner prepared? Someone to go shopping with? Someone to see a movie with? Kids watched? Help crossing the road? Services of the self-proclaimed greatest designated driver of all time? Just fill out the form and he is available for you. It is like hiring a friend to help out for FREE!

One request caught my eye from the start. Karen Cali (KC) a figurative artist, wanted Brian to post nude for her. As KC wrote, "I do charcoal work from the figure and there's a shortage of male models in general and my money to pay models in particular." There was a mad flurry of e-mails as this private sketch session was arranged. Several sketch locations were considered and then discarded, including, the Mobile Art Show and Blank Space. Si…

Support the Art & Frame Shop That Supports The Arts

Frames Forever & Art Gallery (941 Orange Avenue, Winter Park, FL) has a cool event going on Saturday, August 21, 2010, 9am-6pm. Huge sale and local celebrity appearance!

This tiny frame shop in the swanky danky district of Winter Park holds great art events and is a strong supporter of the up-and-coming artists in town as well as the already-known. Its owner, Katie Windish, donates her store, her storefront and her back parking lot constantly to local artists for events.
A few events she's held at her shop:
Outsider Art Fair 2010 and 2009
The Staring Contest
Brian Feldman Reads This Newspaper in Its Entirety
The End of Television Part 3Unfortunately, times are *very* hard for the store right now. Rent is hard to come by this month for Windish. So even if you don't need a single frame and couldn't use one ounce of mat board, go buy *something* from the shop this Saturday and show her you want her store (and her support for local artists) to remain in the community.

If th…

Outsider Art Fair 2010

by Mark Baratelli

Winter Park small business Frames Forever & Art Gallery (941 Orange Ave Winter Park, FL 32789) held the 2nd Annual Outsider Art Fair on Saturday March 20, 2010, timed to coincide with the 51st Annual Winter Part Sidewalk Arts Festival down the road.

The first site visitors saw at this frame shop-turned-event-space was performance artist Brian Feldman doing a sequel to sleepwalk, a piece he premiered at the 2009 Outsider Art Fair. In the first version, Feldman let people walk over him as he slept inside a case for 50 hours. This time around, he let people walk below him while he sleepwalked above them, hence the title sleepwalk: i walk over you. The ten foot high scaffolding and man-with-blanket was a draw to the drivers zooming by.

Sneak Peek: Thomas Thorspecken exhibit

A new Thomas Thorspecken collection of framed sketch books at Dandelion Communitiea (618 N Thornton Ave, Orlando FL 32803) is opening January 7, 2009 at 6pm. The pieces were hung Saturday January 2, 2009 in the front room.

We're going to see more displays of his work in the future and hopefully merchandise like books and calendars featuring his work. I also think his work should be used by the city of Orlando to market the city in other cities, in person and in advertising.

"The Analog Artist Digital World blog was started January 1st of 2009 by artist Thomas Thorspecken with the commitment to post a sketch a day documenting Orlando culture. Assembled for the first time are all the sketchbooks from that year long journey. As the blog rolls into another year, we look back at the events, people and places that defined Orlando in 2009."

Thomas Thorspecken 2009 sketchbooks on display at Dandelion

Thomas Thorspecken is showing his 2009 sketchbooks January 4-30, 2010 at Dandelion Communitea Cafe (618 North Thornton Avenue Orlando Florida). The opening party is January 7, 2010 at 6pm.

"The Analog Artist Digital World blog was started January 1st of 2009 by artist Thomas Thorspecken with the commitment to post a sketch a day documenting Orlando culture. Assembled for the first time are all the sketchbooks from that year long journey. As the blog rolls into another year, we look back at the events, people and places that defined Orlando in 2009."

Photos: Taco Truck Taste Test #2

Taco Truck Taste Test #2 was Tuesday July 28, 2009, at 7pm at the taco truck on the corner of Conway and Curry Ford Road. (What is Taco Truck taste Test?) This truck's main dish was "Mofongo," which is an oily, greasy pile of fried-then-smashed-plantains with your choice of meat on top for the unexpectedly high price of eight dollars. People hung around and ate for about an hour including performance artist Brian Feldman and Sketch artist Thomas Thorspecken, who sketched the event. The next one is Saturday, August 22, 2009.

Mark and Dan Ginader do a quick audio wrap up:

-See photos from the June 30th Taco Truck Taste Test.
-Read an Orlando Weekly article about Taco truck Taste Test.

(Photo Credit for the above photo: Brian Feldman)

(Photo Credit for the above photo: Brian Feldman)

Today's ScetchCrawl Schedule

On July 11, 2009, meet at the red Japanese gazebo in Lake Eola Park at 7am to begin SketchCrawl, a whole day of drawing and walking around the city. Join for 20 minutes or the entire day. All skill levels welcome. Anyone can join the group at any time throughout the day. Bring your own drawing supplies (paper, pen, pencil, paint, whatever medium you want). This event is being organized by Thomas Thorspecken.

7am: red gazebo
10am: Panerra Bread
1pm: Urban Think
4pm: Wine Room
7pm: Stardust Lounge
After 7pm: TBD

Thomas Thorspecken | Taco Truck Taste Test

Thomas Thorspecken released the sketch today he did of the June 30, 2009 Taco Truck Taste Test. (#TTTT) Go check it out and read his review of the event. Thank you, Thomas!

Thomas Thorspecken's sketch blog

Thomas Thorspecken has a fabulous blog displaying his wonderful sketches of scenes in and around Orlando. The above is a sketch he did while attending Brian Feldman's latest in his series of Twitter-Theater-hybrids, txt. Please go check out Thorspecken's blog and leave him a comment or five.________________________________________________
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