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The Great Food Truck Race Zooms By Orlando

The Great Food Truck Race is looking for the country's best food trucks by taking votes now for those already nominated. And guess which city is NOT represented? Yup. Orlando. See map below. Now, we take some blame for this of course. Had we known about this contest we'd have spread the word and nominated all the great local Orlando food trucks out there. Heck we tried five of them at our last Taco Truck Taste Test

Owners of the Orlando Baja Fresh franchise say finding high quality fresh mexican food is "very hard"

Reyad Nofal and Missada Abukhdair, owners of the brand new UCF location of the chain "Baja Fresh," the first in Orlando, are saying “It is very hard to find high quality fresh Mexican food.”

Um, no its not. And we prove it every month. does a monthly meetup introducing Orlando readers to new sources of "high quality fresh Mexican food" called Taco Truck Taste Test. It is not hard to find high quality fresh Mexican food in Orlando whatsoever. Come to our meetups and find out. Locals are making great fresh Mexican food every single day and we help readers find it with our monthly event. The next one is Saturday, October 17, 2009.

What is Taco Truck Taste Test?

Food Truck Orlando | El Sabor De La Vida Tacos

El Sabor De La Vida Tacos
13092 W Colonial Dr.
Winter Garden, FL
Find more Orlando food trucks at

This truck is located across from the K-Mart in the parking lot of the Winter Garden Animal Hospital. On Saturday, October 17, 2009 from 7:30pm-8:30pm, this was the site of the fourth Taco Truck Taste Test. Want to know what Taco Truck Tate Test is?Photo Credit: Dan Ginader

A dish prepared by El Sabor De La Vida Tacos:

The truck:

The Menu:

Look for this sign:

What is Taco Truck Taste Test (Filmed 2009)?
Filmed by Dan Ginader

Photos | Taco Truck Taste Test #3

Aug 22, 2009 | A light shower fell while orders were placed at the third Taco Truck Taste Test (what is this?), but by the time everyone was seated (this Taco Truck provided a table under a tent! Nice!) the rain had stopped and cooled the air. The Authentic Mexican dollar tacos and quesadillas were itty-bitty but delicious. Several people got seconds.

Photos: Taco Truck Taste Test #2

Taco Truck Taste Test #2 was Tuesday July 28, 2009, at 7pm at the taco truck on the corner of Conway and Curry Ford Road. (What is Taco Truck taste Test?) This truck's main dish was "Mofongo," which is an oily, greasy pile of fried-then-smashed-plantains with your choice of meat on top for the unexpectedly high price of eight dollars. People hung around and ate for about an hour including performance artist Brian Feldman and Sketch artist Thomas Thorspecken, who sketched the event. The next one is Saturday, August 22, 2009.

Mark and Dan Ginader do a quick audio wrap up:

-See photos from the June 30th Taco Truck Taste Test.
-Read an Orlando Weekly article about Taco truck Taste Test.

(Photo Credit for the above photo: Brian Feldman)

(Photo Credit for the above photo: Brian Feldman)

Taco Truck Taste Test | July 28

Filmed at the first Taco Truck Taste Test in July
The next Taco Truck Taste Test is today, Tuesday July 28, 2009, 7pm-8pm. Meet at the taco truck in the parking lot of the Sunoco gas station on the corner of Curry Ford and Conway at 7pm. Its kind of hidden so look for it behind-ish the gas station. We'll gather, read an English version of the menu, make our purchases and try the food together while standing in a dark gas station parking lot. Heaven. If you don't want to eat but still want to experience #TTTT, please do! If you do want to eat, bring cash.

Following mobile vendors on twitter

Restaurants put food in trucks, drive the trucks around and have their fans follow them on twitter. Here are four examples from other cities:The Treats Truck
Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
Rickshaw Truck
Schnitzel TruckThis is what I am doing with Mobile Art Show August 5, 2009, but with visual art instead of food. Follow the truck's location that day on twitter and preview the art for sale in the truck on the website.

Photo Credit: "the big gay ice cream truck!," originally uploaded by finalgirl on flickr.

Photos: Taco Truck Taste Test #1

June 30, 2009
Mark Baratelli,

The rain cleared up just as the first-ever Taco Truck Taste Test (TTTT #1) at 6pm on the side of the road on Semoran Blvd. Blog readers/taco truck fans meandered over to the truck from wherever they could find parking (two people had to move their car, including me) and everyone got a mini-program with a history of taco trucks, the menu for this specific taco truck in English and a fun vinyl sticker.

The general consensus, if I could be so bold, was that it was fun. Here we were, a bunch of car-bound Orlando drivers standing inches from a busy road, chomping down on authentic non-chain food made by a super-nice dude inside his truck, talking and laughing, enjoying a brief respite from the air conditoned, interior-dwelling city we live in.

Two kids and their parents showed up. I don't know what the kids thought, but the parents seemed to have fun.

Visual artist Thomas Thorspecken is releasing his sketch of the event this Thursday on his bl…

Taco Truck Taste Test #1 June 30 (TOMORROW!)

The stickers arrived today in "the office" for Tuesday's "Taco Truck Taste Test #1" muchachos! They're 4 inches by 4 inches, vinyl, and look just like the event's logo. I muy love them mucho and if you come to #TTTT, you can get one (or two if you want two) FREE! They're vinyl so I slapped one on the back of my car and it looks HOT.

Remember... #TTTT happens tomorrow, June 30, 2009, 6-7pm on Semoran. The directions are somewhere on this site. You come, you buy some food, you eat it, you rate it, and you drive off smelling like food. Quick, simple and if we're lucky, DELICIOUS.

Taco Truck Taste Test number one

UPDATE! Date has been corrected. The correct date is Tuesday June 30, 2009.

Our first Taco Truck Taste Test meet-up (#TTTT on Twitter) will be Tuesday, June 30, from 6pm-7pm at the taco truck at 815 S Semoran Blvd, Orlando, FL 32807 (MAP) parked in front of "Trinidad Auto Repair Center." All are welcome to attend. No admission. All ages. For now there is no RSVP. Do spread the word and invite your friends and co-workers.

I cased the joint myself Wednesday June 17 and bought an Arepa Con Rellenas de Pollo. Awesome. This truck sells Columbian food. The person running the truck does not speak English, but a very helpful couple explained the menu to me. -Sandwiches with beef, chicken, shrimp or a mixture, served on Arepas which are moist cakey tortillas.

-Hot dogs served in a Columbian manner

-Fried empanadas (meat-filled dough)I suggest you do not try to eat the Arepas in your car, as they are messy. Plan to stand around and eat with the group or take it home with you for dinner.…

Mobile Art Show- art sold out of a truck

COMING:Mobile Art Show is visual art sold out of a truck in a different location each week, with every piece priced at $10. Patrons receive the truck's location and arrival time by following The art changes weekly, is shown online one week before the show and is available for online pre-purchase thru PayPal. If art is purchased at the truck, cash only and no change given. Use the hashtag #mobileartshow when referencing Mobile Art Show on Twitter. For more information and to give your feedback, send an email to or visit the Mobile Art Show Facebook page.

Taco Truck Taste Test #TTTT

August 22, 2009 | Location TBD
July 28, 2009 | Details | Conway at Curry Ford Road
June 30, 2009 | Details | Photos

What is a Taco Truck Taste Test?
We meet. We eat. We retreat. | Follow The Daily City twitter and this blogs to find the date, time and location for the next taco truck taste test. On the day of, meet at the designated taco truck, try the food and drink, experience the location, neighborhood and local culture. Write a quick one-sentence review in our notebooke, then drive away. About an hour. The purpose is to introduce Taco Truck eating to mainstream Orlando and to use the reviews and photos collected to produce an Orlando-based Taco Truck Guide.

What is a Taco Truck?
Watch this video.

The very first Taco Truck Taste Test was Tuesday June 30, 2009, 6pm-7pm, at the one near Semoran and Lake Underhill.

When referencing Taco Truck Taste Test on Twitter, please use the hashtag #TTTT.