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Photos | Taco Truck Taste Test #3

Aug 22, 2009 | A light shower fell while orders were placed at the third Taco Truck Taste Test (what is this?), but by the time everyone was seated (this Taco Truck provided a table under a tent! Nice!) the rain had stopped and cooled the air. The Authentic Mexican dollar tacos and quesadillas were itty-bitty but delicious. Several people got seconds.

Taco Wednesdays | Ethos

Yesterday I got introduced to "Taco Wednesday" at Ethos Vegan Kitchen. Three tacos for $7 with no sides (rice and beans maybe?) isn't the most value-riffic deal, but the vegetarian food lovers I was with LOVED the damn things and wouldn't quit scootin their loud wooden chairs across the loud stone floor about them. VeganDogs on Twitter has this to say about them:

"This is the shit!! fkn tacos!"

I didn't get to try them because (a) I didn't know I was going to Taco Wednesday ahead of time and (b) I'd already eaten one of my favorite deals in this city: the $4.50 SoDo Super-Target salad. So I ate two chocolate chip cookies made in their vegan kitchen and a cup of coffee with all the non-dairy creamer and not-Splenda topins you can guzzle.

One thing I love about their coffee is the way they serve it: in a cup AND saucer, with a napkin placed under the cup. White-chunky-old-fashioned-charming.

So if you love the moo moos but don't want to eat the…

Thomas Thorspecken | Taco Truck Taste Test

Thomas Thorspecken released the sketch today he did of the June 30, 2009 Taco Truck Taste Test. (#TTTT) Go check it out and read his review of the event. Thank you, Thomas!

Taco Truck Taste Test #TTTT

August 22, 2009 | Location TBD
July 28, 2009 | Details | Conway at Curry Ford Road
June 30, 2009 | Details | Photos

What is a Taco Truck Taste Test?
We meet. We eat. We retreat. | Follow The Daily City twitter and this blogs to find the date, time and location for the next taco truck taste test. On the day of, meet at the designated taco truck, try the food and drink, experience the location, neighborhood and local culture. Write a quick one-sentence review in our notebooke, then drive away. About an hour. The purpose is to introduce Taco Truck eating to mainstream Orlando and to use the reviews and photos collected to produce an Orlando-based Taco Truck Guide.

What is a Taco Truck?
Watch this video.

The very first Taco Truck Taste Test was Tuesday June 30, 2009, 6pm-7pm, at the one near Semoran and Lake Underhill.

When referencing Taco Truck Taste Test on Twitter, please use the hashtag #TTTT.

Taco Truck Guide- Orlando & Central Florida

The Daily City is putting together a downloadable PDF and web-based Taco Truck Guide for Orlando, Florida. We're going to each and every taco truck in the area to taste the food, take photos and video, then creating the guide. It'll be free for everyone, but we'll probably have ads in so we make some money.

Want to be a part of the creation of this guide? Join us as we tour each location during out Taco Truck Taste Tests, open-to-the-public meet ups at each truck. We'll share the date/time and location of which truck we're "testing" and you can meet us there to try out these places with others.