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Orlando City Soccer Stadium Neighbors: Stonewall Bar

Here's another Orlando City Soccer Stadium neighbor: Stonewall Bar (741 West Church Street, Orlando, FL 32805). This one-story bar is currently under construction with the addition of a second story. 
This gay bar is directly across the street from the site of the stadium is perfectly situated to handle the thousands of soccer fans who pre-game, tailgate and post-game party. 
The owner of this baris a genius.

You long-time readers may recall that in 2009, we called the owner a genius
Here's the direct quote:  "This bartender is a genius." In 2009, the biggest news was the soon-to-be-built Amway Center. And that was BIG news. To be right in the middle of Church Street between that and the Citrus Bowl was genius. Now in 2015, with the soccer stadium RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET, the guy is clearly a super-genius. 
Here's what we said in 2009 when we first walked into the bar: "There was Michael Wanzie, the GodFather of downtown theatre. Doug Baauser, the comedy gen…

Parramore Graffiti Brightens Up a Dull Auto Repair Shop Wall

The Daily City is a huge fan of street art and graffiti. Booze Badger, anyone? So we were thrilled to find this gem. Located in Parramore on the side of an auto repair shop, an entire lower wall is covered in art. Take a look at the photo below that one to see what it looked like prior to the painting: dull and lifeless. (Image courtesy google maps) 

.@CityBeautiful Parramore Kidz Zone’s Mom’s Day Luncheon

Saturday May 7, 2011, 11:30am - 1:30am, the Parramore community will come together for the first time to celebrate the mothers of their neighborhood at the inaugural Parramore Kidz Zone’s Baby Institute Mother’s Day Luncheon: “Moms Improving and Moving Towards Excellence.” This will be held at the John H. Jackson Community Center (1002 West Carter Street, Orlando, Florida).

The event will recognize and honor 50 mothers who reside in the Parramore community. Attendees will receive educational materials, learn about the Parramore Kidz Zone’s Baby Institute, explore personal development strategies and enjoy a fashion show and healthy meal. Also at the event, two Parramore elders and community icons - Mercerdese Clark and Eveline Biggham - will be honored as “Mothers of the Year.”

The Parramore Kidz Zone’s Baby Institute is a joint partnership with the City of Orlando, Early Learning Coalition of Orange County, Nap Ford Community School and University of Central Florida.

Parramore Kid…

Parramore Community Garden to host "Fall Harvest Share"

Heather Allebaugh from the City of Orlando left a comment on the post where I was asking "Why is there no Parramore Farmers Market?". I don't have an answer to the question yet, but Allebaugh did hint at an upcoming event:"The neighborhood is working on a fall harvest share at the Parramore Community Garden. Details and dates are still being finalized."Sounds like a possible sort-of farmers market to me. She said she'd email me when she has the date/time/place info. As soon as she gets it to me, I'll share it with you. And speaking of the Parramore Community Garden, go check it out. Its a fenced garden maintained by the citizens of Parramore. On August 5, 2009, Mobile Art #1 tried to bring attention to it by making it stop five on the day-long, seven-stop art show on wheels. We need more community gardens like the one in Parramore because (a) they get fresh veggies into the hands of city folk, (b) they turn blighted property into someth…

Business name of the day | HairVolution

HairVolution offers $8 haircuts and is in Parramore on Orange Blossom Trail, just bocks away from The Gay Bar in Parramore and Gay Church.

Photos | Mobile Art Show #1

Mobile Art Show | Orlando, FL
On August 5, 2009,'s very first Mobile Art Show took to the roads of Orlando, Florida. From 10am to 7pm, the show was either prepping, showing or traveling. For this first show, a UHaul was chosen to carry the over-40-piece collection of locally-made art because it was easier than getting an ice cream truck, which is the ideal vehicle for this. The locations for each stop were sent via twitter to I, Mark Baratelli, was the driver and Brian Feldman was the co-pilot. Dan Ginader assisted me in the hanging of the art. Photos:
--Orlando Sentinel photo gallery | 44 photos
--Ours, a sampling | 51 photos
--Ours, all of them | 252

Press Coverage:
--Orlando Sentinel "Best Bet"
--Metromix Weekly Event Pick
--Orlando Weekly event page
--EmmaBunny for SMV, an LA shop
What is Mobile Art Show:
Dan Ginader, friend to The Daily City, came to Stop #2 (Enzian Theatre) with his daughter and got some video of the proceedings the…

Someone built a gay bar in Parramore

by Mark Baratelli, Parramore Correspondent

Last night when I looked around the newly-built "Stonewall Bar" white in the heart of Parramore, it struck me that I was in very good company. There was Michael Wanzie, the GodFather of downtown theatre. Doug Baauser, the comedy genius. Billy Manes, longtime voice of the print-larious... and one smart bartender who built a gay bar in Parramore, right down the street from the being-built Orlando Event Center, right near a park, right near everything that is going to be happening in downtown in the next 5 years. Soon, this part of town is gonna be seething with moneyed foot traffic pouring out of the basketball church. People wanting nightlife and fun. People being BEGGED by Plaza Cinema Theatre and City Arts Factory to cross I4. People who need a good stiff gay drink.

This bartender is a genius.

Now when I entered the bar I disliked him before I even met him. I didn't google map the bar before I drove downtown and t…

New Parramore theatre? We'll know Monday.

"Orlando leaders will decide Monday whether to hand a $17 million financial-incentive package to developers working on a project in the heart of Parramore: an 11-story office-and-retail building anchored by a community theater.

The 293,000-square-foot building would include a 320-seat theater that's meant to be a rebirth of the historic Carver Theater, one of the few black theaters in the region during segregation..."

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