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.@OrlandoSentinel Food Section Cover Story: Food Trucks Coming to Fashion Square

The Orlando Sentinel Food Editor Heather McPherson wrote a Food Section Cover Story featuring her tips on how to approach Sunday's Orlando Food Truck Bazaar. Love it! Thank you! See you this Sunday, 7pm - 12am, Behind Dillards at Fashion Square Mall. 

Orlando Sentinel: Good Friday, Cheap Gas & Lindsay Lohan

By Mark Baratelli

Orlando Sentinel's trending topics for April 24, 2011, most likely based on yesterday's traffic and listed on the front page of their giganto-site-a-saurus website, made me giggle a little. I love how some of them are polar opposites and yet some, well, have unintended similarities. ______________________________
Of course, Lindsay is going to jail for 4 months (sad), gas prices are a huge issue for us all (sad), events at Lake Eola are always cause for celebration (yay), food + family at Easter time for those who celebrate it (yay) and everyone with a Mamma wants theirs to win a contest (yay). 
The Daily City's top five Saturday trafficked posts were  1. Universal Hotel Easter dinners 2. Easter Bunny back at Orlando Fashion Square Mall 3. Bunny Bake Sale Party at Peacock Room 4. rolfing 5. Hawkers Asian Street Fare review
Besides our city guides, some of our most-trafficked pages for the past few years include 1. Mariah Carey in …

@OrlandoSentinel Best Bets: Best Local Blogger is @AnalogArtist

Congratulations to fellow local blogger Thomas Thorspecken for winning Best Local Blogger in the Orlando Sentinel "Best Bests" 2011. He is most deserving as his blog features stunning original artwork and well-written event summaries. Congratulations! Also congratulations to food blogger TastyChomps for being named in the top three. His blog is also very good and comprehensive, covering everything food in Orlando. We also can't help but love the minor typo seen above.

Orlando Sentinel Looking For Train Noise Expert on Help a Reporter Out

We subscribe to the "Help a Reporter Out" email and twitter feed, and were pleasantly surprised to see Orlando Sentinel soliciting assistance. Sounds like an interesting upcoming story about train noise.

Summary: Train noise
Name: Rachael Jackson (Orlando Sentinel)
Category: General
Media Outlet: Orlando Sentinel
Deadline: 07:00 PM EST - 4 June
Query: I'm looking for an expert who can speak to the noise levels associated with freight trains vs. commuter trains and the various things train operators and communities can do to reduce sound levels. I'm also interested in speaking to anyone who has studied the effects of train noises on a community.

Best Art Blog | Orlando Sentinel won "Best Art Blog" in the Orlando Sentinel 2009 blog awards they have named The Orbbies. See photos from the event taken by the Orlando Sentinel.

Thank you, sexy readers, for voting for us.

Staff writer Etan Horowitz handed out the certificates and Enzian Theatre hosted the event in their outdoor "Eden Bar" December 11, 2009.

We got to meet the other blogger winners, the Editor of the Orlando Sentinel, the Editor of the Orlando Sentinel website, and the Editor of the WESH tv news website.

Mark, Etan Horowitz

Mark, Orlando Sentinel Editor

All "The Orbbies" winners

Orlando Sentinel Best Bet: best local blog

In the "Orlando Best Bets" readers poll, they didn't even list our little blog as an option. :( But at the bottom of the ballot you can write us in. :) To write us in and vote, click here, click on "3" in the itty bittty menu above the image, write us in at the bottom and click "vote". Thank you.

Orlando Sentinel presents The Orbbies: Orlando's Best Blogs

The Orlando Sentinel is asking for nominations for their first annual 2009 Orbbies, an Orlando blog award celebrating "Orlando's Rockin' Blogs." We've already been nominated in a few categories. Thank you to the person(s) responsible for that. If you see a category we fit in that we've not been nominated for, please add us. And, when voting opens, please support us.

No-words: Auto-play lawyer ad on Orlando Sentinel website

Someone told poor lawyer Todd Miner that having an auto-play ad on the front page of the Orlando Sentinel website was a good idea. Have you seen this mess? You go to, and the lawyer, from the lower right hand part of the screen is standing there in front of the website, talking at you. He plays without you clicking anything. You have to click the stop button for him to shut up. Hi, its not 1998. We don't do these types of ads anymore. And when we do, we hate them. I wonder if the ad person who sold Mr Miner on this idea thinks he did well by his client. I bet he does. Yay ad salesman!

Mobile Art Show an Orlando Sentinel "Don't Miss" event

Mary Frances Emmons
Orlando Sentinel Staff
July 31, 2009WHAT:'s Mobile Art Show is "an art gallery inside a U-Haul, moving around Orlando all day," pausing in various parking lots on Aug. 5, 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Want to know exactly where it will be? You have to follow the show on Twitter ( on Aug. 5 to find out. The point? "To bring spontaneous art shows to unexpected places, to have fun and to raise money for the Orlando Improv Festival," says organizer and Daily City impresario Mark Baratelli.

WHEN: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Aug. 5

WHERE: Parking lots around Orlando.

COST: Each piece of mostly "outsider art" will be priced around $25, cash only.

ONLINE: Check out some of the art in advance at

Season info due to Orlando Sentinel by July 17

The Sentinel is publishing its annual season-preview issue Aug. 28. They need all of your information about your 2009-2010 seasons by Friday July 17. Submit your info by emailing

That's a week before the deadline published in the paper because the person who puts all of this together will be on vacation after July 15 and won't be able to type up your stuff after that. Here's what they need from each and every theater out there in Central Florida:Name of each play in your season

Author or authors of each play (first and last names, thank you very much)

Opening and closing dates of each play

Place you're performing, including exact street address

Subscription prices, if you sell them

Box office phone number

WebsiteSubmit your info by emailing

Your 09/10 schedule due to Sentinel July 24

The Orlando Sentinel's season preview of the arts will publish Aug. 28 in Calendar.

Central Florida groups offering programs in theater, dance, classical and popular music, visual arts, science and history are eligible to have their 2009-10 season schedules published. Submissions must be received by Fri., July 24, at 5 p.m.

For each event, include date, time, location, description of the program, admission price and cost of subscription series, if applicable. Submissions must include complete address and phone; e-mail and Web site may be included. Send schedules to with "Season Preview" in the subject line, or mail to Season Preview, c/o Tod Caviness, Orlando Sentinel, MP-240, 633 N. Orange. Ave., Orlando, FL 32802-2833.

Orlando Sentinel shows their titties too!

Thank you, Orlando Sentinel, for this!!!
Check out the Orlando Sentinel gallery of nekkid painted ladies they just posted. Wow. Bankruptcy be damned, the Orlando Sentinel sent photographer Vince Hobbs to cover a body painting convention. Nothing innately wrong with the convention or the covering of it by a newspaper, just PLEASE tell me the Sentinel put this in the print edition, so that all the old people who just LOVE the Sentinel can see where their subscription fees are going. Photo Credit: Vince Hobbs for the Orlando Sentinel

Twitter Orlando Sentinel Fringe coverage

Orlando Sentinel writer Dewayne Bevil will be manning a brand new twitter account for all things Fringe at @OSFringe. Give him a follow and be sure to follow the previously mentioned recommended cadre of local Orlando Fringe twitter news sources.

Orlando Sentinel makes the Wall Street Journal

The Orlando Sentinel got a mention in a Wall Street Journal graphic showing the decline of the newspaper in North America.

Pillowlando photo links

Great photos from Pillowlando 2009:-Orlando Sentinel
-WBeem's Flickr setPhoto Credit: Matthew Simantov, OrlandoSentinel.com________________________________________________
2009 Orlando Fringe: Our Guide | Write reviews | Read reviews | Patron Choice Awards

Dave Ballentine: homeless day care center

Dave Ballentine does not like the homeless in the downtown branch of the public library. He calls the branch a "homeless day care center" and the homeless citizens who inhabit it, "bums." His Orlando Sentinel blog post is a fun read. And 23 comments later, he still hasn't changed his mind.

SFWeekly offers (possible) warning for Orlando

Here's one sad story about the economy having an effect on media/coverage and it in turn having an effect on local theatre companies. SF Weekly has been forced to reduce its staff of capsule reviewers due to the lower-than-usual number of ad pages in the coming months' papers. Chloe Veltman, a theatre critic and arts journalist for the paper, and her team, feel the pain first:"The paper's coverage of theatre will drop from three plays -- my 1,000-word column plus two 200-word capsule reviews -- to just my column. The publication will not be running capsules in January. The situation is likely to remain the same in February and March at least.

This is unhappy news for my great team of capsule reviewers at SF Weekly. I'm sad about it too, as making decisions about which shows to review among the hundreds to pick from each month has been hard enough in the past. Now the task is going to be even more difficult." And then she points to the inevitable."Even mor…

Orlando Sentinel owner Tribune in bankruptcy

2/08: Tribune owner curses Orlano Sentinel employee
The Tribune Company, parent to the Orlando Sentinel, officially filed for bankruptcy Monday. The good news is, according to this New York Times article, Tribune wouldn't benefit from selling it's papers, so hopefully the Sentinel will stay put long enough for some changes that will make the company viable again. Putting papers up for sale, as several troubled companies have done, will not solve the industry’s problems, said David C. Joyce, a media analyst at Miller Tabak & Company, a small investment banking firm.

“Selling assets also means selling off cash flow, and they need that cash flow to service the debt,” he said. “And any sales would be fairly close to fire-sale prices, because people aren’t buying assets, especially in the newspaper business.”

Tribune: junk and default

12-8-08 UPDATE: Tribune company mulling bankruptcy

In a December 3rd article, Fitch Ratings (I dunno who they are either) rated the Orlando Sentinel's parent company, Tribune, as "junk" and said it has "serious possibilities of default." The article also says many cities might lost their local papers by 2010."Newspaper and newspaper groups are likely to default on their debt and go out of business next year -- leaving "several cities" with no daily newspaper at all, Fitch Ratings says in a report on media released Wednesday.

"Fitch believes more newspapers and newspaper groups will default, be shut down and be liquidated in 2009 and several cities could go without a daily print newspaper by 2010," the Chicago-based credit ratings firm said in a report on the outlook for U.S. media and entertainment.

Fitch is generally pessimistic across the board, assigning negative outlets to nearly all sectors from Yellow Pages to radio and TV and theme …

101 Best things in Orlando: this list is not one of them

Photo Credit: Roberto Gonzalez for the Orlando Sentinel
Hair gel credit: unknown.
UPDATE 10-29-08: I got my information wrong. From a reliable source, I was told the list was "chosen by readers. It was an advertising feature, which the news staff had nothing to do with."

The Orlando Sentinel released a helpful and insightful list called 101 Best of Orlando. The list (as noted above) was voted on by the readers. My question is.. Which readers? Dillards is Orlando's best shoe store apparently, there are so many theme park mentions the list reads like an I-Drive coupon book and P.F. Changs has the best Chinese. What?