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1st weekend of the Orlando Fringe in the books!

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By: Denna Beena Fringe Fanatic!

The first weekend of the 25th Orlando Fringe is in the books and from what I can tell, it looked like a record number of sold out shows for the beginning of the festival!
If you are not familiar with The Orlando Fringe, what are you waiting for?

from their website: 
What is Fringe?A 14-day arts festival that is founded on the concept of being:
100% unjuried,
100% uncensored
100% accessible
And 100% of sales are returned back to the artists!

The Orlando Fringe is the longest running Fringe Festival in the United States, celebrating 25 years as “Orlando’s most unique cultural experience”. And for sure, it is that!
Think of Fringe as a theatrical State Fair. You must buy a button to get in to the event and then you buy tickets for your theatrical rides. The button helps offset the cost of throwing the festival and the ticket monies go to the artists! 100% of it! 
In addition to all of the…


By: Denna Beena Contributing Writer
& Fringe Fanatic 

Fun in the a backseat! Not in that way you perv, but in the BYOV (Bring Your Own Venue) adventure the show takes place in the back seat of a car. You actually ride along and around with the secret agents and take in the filth and foul of the immediate area. Assignments are given and it's up to you and the agents to get things back on track.
Totally interactive, totally fun! 
Get your tickets quick! This ride alone allows for just 2 agents in training. As the word gets out, they'r going to sell out. That's a big 10-4. 

Details from the Fringe website:
Length: 55 Venue: Byov Price: $10 (+svc. Charge)
Disc.: FA | FV | STU | SR | MIL | Police & Fire department members
Rating: 13+ -
This show places audiences of two in the back seat of a car driven by a pair of bounty hunters. Get up close and personal with a night in the life of these enthusiastic hitmen. Sword fights, cross-dressers, Wendy's rock music, and a general se… Audience Choice Awards at the Orlando Fringe Festival 2011 Winners List

The 3rd Annual 2011 Audience Choice Awards (photos, ballot) were handed out on the outdoor stage May 29, 2011 at 10pm at the Orlando Fringe Festival. The awards give the patrons one extra way to say "thank you" to the artists and give the artists who win a marketing tool for future productions of their shows. This is the third year we've done these awards. They are paid for and produced by

Best of the Fest [title of show]
Best International Show Smart Arse
Best National Show Bitches of the Kingdom
Best Local Show Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future

30 Minutes with Dewey and Douglas

An Interview with Sultana F. Ali

For those of you who were lucky enough to catch "Winifred, "That Bitch!" at the recent Orlando International Fringe Festival or have seen Wayburn Sassy and Didi Panache in the Screw You Revue in the past, you are probably familiar with the likes of Dewey Chaffee (Wayburn) and Douglas McGeoch (Didi), though you may not have met them out of their costumes. You also may not know that having called Orlando home for many years, they are finally taking the jump and hitting the open road with their star characters, Wayburn and Didi.

I took a few minutes to chat with this dynamic duo about their aspirations and the legacy they want to leave behind for future Fringe generations, including a unique, scholarship opportunity.

How long have you been a part of Fringe in Orlando?

Dewey: Four years. We introduced Wayburn in 2007 and Didi, his girlfriend, in 2010.

Many folks are familiar with these two characters, why did you change to a format around Winifr…

Photos: 2011 Audience Choice Awards at the Orlando Fringe Festival

The 3rd Annual 2011 Audience Choice Awards were handed out Sunday May 29th at 10pm on the outdoor stage at the Orlando Fringe Festival by Amanda Chadwick, Denna Eramo and Mark Baratelli. 29 awards in all were passed out in a very fun, swift ceremony just before The Fabbys. The point of the awards is to give the audience a way to give an extra "thank you" to the artists and to give the artists a marketing tool they can use for future productions of their shows. The awards are completely funded and produced by

More 2011 info: WinnersBallot | Our Guide to the Orlando Fringe

Orlando Fringe 2011 Review: The Holy Land Experience

By: Sultana F. Ali
Contributing Writer

Walking into a Martin Dockery show is a bit like waking up to find out you're in Amsterdam and cannot find your traveling partner. You find yourself searching for an unknown something, and Martin provides the clues for the journey. In the case of going to the show on Saturday, May 28, you were also treated to leading conceptual artist, Brian Feldman, walking across the stage in "Show Interrupted" as part of his 20:11 Fringe series of projects. He literally, didn't know what he was walking into.

Don't let the title of "The Holy Land Exerience" fool you - though you will take a trip to both Orlando's Holy Land Experience, and to the actual Holy Land. But, you will be joined by the effervescent Martin Dockery, who weaves a beautiful tapestry that intersects his own life and tribulations with love.

Catch the last showing at 1:00 PM today in the Orange Venue at the Orlando International Fringe Festival, you will be in f…

Orlando Fringe 2011 Review: My Monster

By: Sultana F. Ali
Contributing Writer

Leading Orlando actor, Philip Nolen, stars in the fantastic Patron's Pick, "My Monster," in the Blue Venue. In this Clockwork Hobo production, he plays a washed-out screenwriter who refuses to show that he is past his prime, even though his heydays were long ago. Will Hagaman plays Nolen's creation, as he demonstrates to the audience just how easy it is to write a screenplay by first creating a character, a character who does things...

And so, the audience meets Spike Flambo, a screenwriter by day and paid assassin by night, with a bad back. This is only the beginning of the hilarity you can expect to see in this push and pull between creator and monster. "My Monster" shows how a story can take on a life of its own, and characters themselves are often the ones who make the storyline. Creative dialogue weaves with short action sequences, drama and even *gasp* a bedroom scene (you just have to see it for yourself). Come exp…

Orlando Fringe 2011 Review: Attention, Please: Nostalgic Dance Theater Through 80’s TV Land

By: Sultana F. Ali
Contributing Writer

The dance shows at the Orlando Fringe Festival can sometimes be the underdog performances, going unnoticed until the last day or two. It could not be more true than in the case of Fringe Festival gem, "Attention, Please: Nostalgic Dance Theater Through 80’s TV Land." Under the direction of Artistic Director, Eric Yow, the Yow Dance Company delivers a non-stop 60 minutes of modern and classic dance - traveling through your favorite 80s TV shows like M*A*S*H, Jem, My Little Pony (sea ponies) and even Fraggle Rock.

Deranged Disneyesque princesses dance to "Love and Marriage," the theme song to "Married with Children," the show that launched Christina Applegate's career. A beautifully executed tribute to the cult hit "Addicted to Love," makes you forget the original music video and "Knight Rider" never danced like this! As a triathlete myself, I appreciated the runner-themed "Magnum PI"piec…

Orlando Fringe 2011 Review: Fear Factor: Canine Edition

By: Sultana F. Ali
Contributing Writer

John Grady loved to watch Fear Factor, there was something exciting and transformative about it. The Fear Factor edition which featured couples added another dimension to the concept of fear; time and time again it was the calmer couples that had been together many years who steered away from arrogance, games and assumptions that took the prize. Much like these couples, one of John's longest relationships where he discovered that kind of trust and interdependence was with his beloved dog, Abby. After all, she taught him almost everything he knew about love.

Less than halfway through this powerful show, the fire alarm went off in the theater and we were forced to dismiss the show. After it was clear that it was a false alarm, we came back in and John Grady continued his performance without a break in concentration - a true professional. We can all identify in some way with his story; we have all loved someone and many of us have had an animal in …

Orlando Fringe 2011 Review: [Title of Show]

By: Sultana F. Ali
Contributing Writer

As a non-actor, there was some inside baseball in this taken-from-Broadway play, "[Title of Show]." That didn't take away from my enjoyment of the show. I was pulled in by the charm and ingenuity of the acting by this talented cast of characters including SAK Comedy Lab favorite, Robyn Pedretti Kelly and local actress, Melissa Mason. Directed by Kenny Howard and Michael Wanzie, the play begins with four chairs; Rob A. Lott and Kevin Kelly are cast as two playwrights hoping to make it big on Broadway. Befuddled about what to write about, they choose to write about their experience of writing about a play, about a couple of guys writing a hit get the point.

The audience joins this duo on their writing journey, soon joined by the effervescent Mason and comedic talent of Robyn Pedretti Kelly, who sign onto their play. A festival submission becomes big, Broadway dreams and as can be expected, egos are bruised along the way to fam…

Orlando Fringe 2011 Review: Pandemonium

By: Sultana F. Ali
Contributing Writer

Halstead and Casteneda's "Pandemonium" delivers on it's description - bringing Milton's "Paradise Lost" to stage with the Greater Orlando Actors Theatre, but adding in a dash of leather, whips and dance that might make some shift in their seats. The creation story has never been told quite like this.

The character of "God" is regretful and hokey, Lucifer is actually "Lucy" and she is a wild child who won't stop until she gets her way, delivering a fiery performance; and all of the angels and fallen angels are there too. Adam and Eve are as naive as one might imagine and full of the innocence of youth, but gradually succumb to Lucy's charms.

The show has incorporated pop music into the story and a handful of vocal performances and dance make-up for the flatter moments in dialogue. The stage sometimes feels too small for the dancers to fit, but the dancers manage to maneuver around and betwe… Audience Choice Awards waiting to be handed out

The 3rd Annual Audience Choice Awards are Sunday May 29, 2011  just after The Fabbys, which begin at 10pm on the outdoor stage on The Green at the Orlando Fringe Festival. Pictured above are some of the actual awards, which number 29 in total, that will be handed out (quickly) at the ceremony Sunday night. The photo was taken in 2010 of The Green just after one of the numerous rain storms that took place that year. Its the same photo (and frame) that was used in the 2010 awards design. Patrons of Orlando Fringe can vote in the awards here.

Orlando Fringe 2011 Review: Unspoken

By: Sultana F. Ali
Contributing Writer

Many shows spend the duration of their performance conveying ideas and thoughts. "Unspoken," produced by the Empty Spaces Theatre Co(llaboration) in association with PUReMOTIONs, is about the things we don't say - because we are afraid, because we don't want to hurt anymore, or simply because of social constraints. Whether it's resentment, frustration, unhappiness, or loving someone in vain; this show explores the depths to which these emotions run, blending music and dance with passionate, purposeful acting.

Choreography and direction from Nicole Yezzi adds another dimension to the feelings exhibited on stage and a blurry projection of words emanates the vocalized emotions; a man who resents he cannot walk and his estranged daughter and miserable wife, co-workers who secretly love one another but cannot express their feelings...these are only a handful of the vignettes that comprise this poignant piece.

If you appreciate dramat…

Orlando Fringe 2011 Review: Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future

By: Sultana F. Ali
Contributing Writer

Dog Powered Robot was the brain child of Evan Miga for 2010's Creative Mind Experiment. From this brief piece, it became an unexpected, breakout hit...and he's been ardently working to turn the idea into a full show for this year's Fringe. I'm sure I wasn't the only person wondering how this was going to happen. But, as the lights dimmed for Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future, and I soon saw the familiar visage of local actor, John Bateman, flailing on the floor as Mr. Bones (the evil villain of the piece), my nerves became calm.

Miga wisely chose to tell the story of the origins of his irresistible dog bot through a "hologram" reenactment. Technology runs amuck and what was once one robot, has become a sea of robots in all shapes, sizes and combinations. A classic good-triumphs-over-evil tale emerges - with our favorite hero, Dog Powered Robot, coming on the scene to save the day (and the audience).

Dog Pow…