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Photo Credit: Brian Feldman

Photo Credit: Brian Feldman
Thank God I was in the audience today for the 11:30am performance of Jeremy Seghers' "The Amazing Adventures of Normal People in 3D" at the Orlando Fringe Festival. It's a performance art piece done in the genre of theatre. The audience becomes the performer because the real performers (in this performance, they were the Fringe Festival's Producer Beth Marshall and actual performance artist Brian Feldman) die. What does an audience do when the performers die and are not allowed to leave until they pay a ten dollar fee? They become the show. And boy did this audience do just that.

But before I get to that, it should be noted for lovers of The Feldman, during the show Beth Marshall agreed to Brian's proposal for a site-specific show for the 2010 Orlando Fringe. The site? An elevator at the Shakespeare building. Audience size? One. And as Brian said, "No pregnant women allowed."

But back to the show..…