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Dead Poets Slam | October 30

Friday, October 30, is the return of the Dead Poets Slam. This is the one time of the year that the dead come back and "slam" to see who will be the Dead Poets Slam Champion. Costumes and props are not only allowed, but encouraged. To channel your favorite dead poet (or rapper) - e-mail for a performance spot. The show starts at 9:30 pm (or so) at Stardust Video & Coffee (1842 Winter Park Rd, Orlando, FL, in Audubon Park)

Links: Oct 28 AM

Pumpkins. Kill them and turn them into pie.
Links- October 28, 2008
New rental venue for music, classes, shows, etc- Black Box Collective
$25 restaurant gift cards for $2- Lifehacker
Indie animation shorts Wed & Thur- Enzian
Fashion Week Winter Park? Really?- Orlando Cultural
1,700 free public domain audiobooks- LibriVox
Erik Jones art for sale- Uberbot
Orlando-based comic book video podcast- A Comic Shop
Dead Poet Slam Oct 30, 9:30pm, Stardust Coffee- Broken Speech
Orlando Sentinel might have AP content after all- NYTimes
Cut to the best part of the youtube video TubeChop


Random stuff that came across my inbox...

Books: The Orlando Sentinel started a book blog. I couldn't care less because I am not an avid reader of anything not on Perez and Facebook, but if Tod Caviness (creator of the Poetry Vending Machine) is involved, which he is, I pay attention. And speaking of poetry....

Poetry: Dead Poets Slam (Broken Speech's most popular slam next to Nerd Slam) is where poets "perform as (their) favorite dead poet (or rapper) with props, costumes, and music." Dead rappers unite! (fist in air) And do poetry! (double fist the air) October 30th, 9:30pm. Stardust Video & Coffee, 1842 Winter Park Rd (map).

Puppets: A reminder! The Orlando Puppet Festival is coming in October. Woo! They should ask Broken Speech to join them in the festival by doing a show where the poets read their poems from backstage and a puppet performs them. PUPPET POET SLAM!!!!

Halloween: Are you a Denna or a Mark?

I am not into Halloween. It doesn't make sense to me why adults even acknowledge it. It's for children. I am not a children. Therefore, I don't celebrate it. That's my reasoning. (And don't tell me Xmas is for children cuz I will cut you.) My friend Denna, house manager of SAK Comedy Lab , loves Halloween so much that every year she picks up extra hours at a Halloween store that pops up every year around this time and attends every Halloween event she can get her costumed fingers on.

If you are a Denna and not a Mark, here's a list of Halloween events gathered by

Some of the events, however, even interested Mark, the Scrooge of Halloween:

The name alone is cause for laughter. Plazaween. How about ParkinglotWeen? Stripclubween? This game could go on for hours.

Juliette Lewis performing live
Why on earth would anyone miss that? Seriously. I've read that she's really good. But her outfits are always so horrible (as seen on many a goss…