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Neighborhood Tees

We are loving these new neighborhood tees designed and sold by the Orlando blog You can purchase them in their brand new online shop. They include tees promoting Mills50, The Milk District, Ivanhoe Village and College Park.

2nd Annual National Food Blogger Bake Sale in Orlando!

Gabby Dalkin, a food blogger from California, has organized the 2nd Annual National Food Blogger Bake Sale to benefit Share Our Strength. Orlando's effort is being organized by Aggie from Aggie’s Kitchen and Julie Deily from The Little Kitchen. It will take place Saturday, May 14, 2011, 11am - 2pm at Cork & Olive (4247 W. Lake Mary Blvd, Lake Mary, FL). What's for sale? Everything from cakes to brownies, cake pops to cookies and more. Raffle prizes, too.

Participating Food Bloggers:

Julie from The Little Kitchen (@TheLittleKitchn)
Aggie from Aggie’s Kitchen (@aggieskitchen)
Jaclyn from food + words (@foodpluswords)
Monica from Sweetbitesblog (@sweetbitesblog)
Jim @jimtruePearleen from MegaYummo! (@MegaYummo)
Dawn from Wicked Good Dinner (@dawnviola)
Katie from Katie’s Cucina (@katiescucina)
Suzanne from My Adventures in Food (@kokocooks)
Robin W.
Natasha from Thats So Yummy (@thatssoyummy)
Wanda from My Sweet Zepol (@mysweetzepol)

The second annual National Food Blogger…

#CFLblogcon Central Florida Blogger Conference

By Mark Baratelli

The Orlando-based blog Central Florida Top 5 is producing the inaugural Central Florida Blogger Conference July 16, 2011 at Park Maitland School (1450 N. Orlando Ave., Maitland, FL 32751). I am personally thrilled this is happening. The teensy Orlando blogging community needs to GROW in my opinion, and its events like this that help do just that. I think there are far more voices out there that need to be heard, and I hope they all attend this event for inspiration to get out there and get online. Kudos to Bess and her husband for getting this off the ground from scratch.

Several local marketers and bloggers will be speaking on all sorts of blog-centeric topics, both beginner and advanced in nature.

The event's producer, Bess Auer, asked us to come up with subject to speak about at this conference. I wanted to do a talk about scooping the traditional media (which I love to do) but that subject is already being talked about by another presenter. So, I am doing a br…

@OrlandoSentinel Best Bets: Best Local Blogger is @AnalogArtist

Congratulations to fellow local blogger Thomas Thorspecken for winning Best Local Blogger in the Orlando Sentinel "Best Bests" 2011. He is most deserving as his blog features stunning original artwork and well-written event summaries. Congratulations! Also congratulations to food blogger TastyChomps for being named in the top three. His blog is also very good and comprehensive, covering everything food in Orlando. We also can't help but love the minor typo seen above.

Orlando Homeless Helped by Art Exurb of 407 Blog's Local Music Compilation

The local Orlando blog Art Exurb of 407 put together Harmonies for the Homeless, a music compilation featuring 15 local bands, the proceeds of which go to the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida. The album is two bucks, but you can pay more if you like. Buy it!

On March 19, 2011, the blog is putting on a live music show to benefit the same org at Stardust Video & Coffee at 9:30pm featuring the bands Howling Owls, Bob on Blonde, Alias Punch, and Maximino. Fifty hard copies of the digital download will be available for purchase at the show.

Blog Watch: Art Droolius

Droolius is a food blog with stunning photography. It shares food photos from where the blogger eats, taking you along with him on his culinary journeys, in hopes you'll trek out there on your own at some point.  Currently based in Orlando, FL the bloggers travel locally and nationally to eat great food and take awesome photos during the process.

Blog Watch: The Best Part

Local Orlando artist/designer/blogger Jason Dean has a great art + design blog called The Best Part he's been running for a few years now. He currently focuses on national topics, but will soon turn to local Orlando arts and culture coverage. He recently quit his day job to pursue the blog and his online print shop full-time. Follow The Best Part on Twitter and Facebook.

Blog Watch: Art Exurb of 407

The Jernigan Post tipped us off about a new Orlando blog: Art Exurb of 407. It's mission is "to inform the people of the 407, tourists, and others about our city with our own bias and slant towards our friends" and look, they already have their first blog-fight! Follow them on twitter and Facebook. We hope they consider joining us and a few other local unpaid media makers at our Orlando Indie Media Meetup.

Central Florida Indie Media Meetup Feb 22 at Credo Coffeehouse

By Mark Baratelli
Staff Page

Orlando Indie Media Meetup is having a spur-of-the-moment meetup Tuesday February 22, 2011, 6:30pm at Downtown Credo Coffeehouse (706 W. Smith Street in College Park). Free to attend. Sorry for the late notice. It was just decided yesterday on twitter. If you want to attend, just show up!

What is it? Orlando Indie Media Meetup is a tiny gathering of five or so (depending on the month) local people who have blogs, twitter accounts, web shows, print magzines and paper zines specifically talking about the city of Orlando. The meetup is a casual hour of chit chat about what we're working on, recent and upcoming events and ways we can work together to support each other's efforts. There are no name tags, no dues, nor is it an attempt to become anything big or take the place of current local webby/geeky events. Its just a time to be in one room with as many of the individuals not getting paid to make media about Orlando.

Attendees (typically) include:

Central Florida Top 5 Hosting Tweetup

The Orlando blog Central Florida Top 5 is hosting a "Central Florida Tweet-Up" Thursday, July 22, 2010 7-9pm at Enzian Theater (1300 South Orlando Avenue Maitland, FL 32751) in their outside bar. "Special raffle prizes, great networking, good food and drink! All are invited!" We'll be there. Follow on Twitter.

Food Blog Your Meat Tooth Gives Our Taco Truck Taste Test a Shout Out

Thank you to the meat-centric blog Your Meet Tooth for giving us a big ol' shout out for our (soon to return) Taco Truck Taste Test. They wrote a post about a mobile food vendor efforts in California, Atlanta and (because of us, we're guessing?) Orlando. Much thanks to Your Meat Tooth. We hope to see you at a future Taco Truck Taste Test. Meat will definitely be on the menu for you guys.

"...street food is something we just can’t seem to get enough of. Just ask the folks at The Daily City, who spent a year taste testing Orlando’s taco trucks."

About Your Meat Tooth: "We are not chefs, or food critics, or experts of any kind. Just two regular people who really love meat and want to talk to and hear from others just like us."

About Taco Truck Taste Test: TTTT was created to bring awareness of mobile food vending to Orlando through a basic food meetup scenario: sampling new dishes in a pre-planned group setting. On the day of a Taco Truck Taste Test, we meet at …

The blog looks like a newspaper

The blog that looks like a (one page) newspaper! Wanna see it? Copies available at Mark Baratelli Tries Two Hard (Aug 26), Third Thursday (Aug 20) and Dirty South Bike BBQ (Aug 23).

Tasty Chomps | Eat it and Read it

Awesome food blog:
Tasty Chomps
Read it

Idea Time!

Visit Orlando (a web-friendly name for the Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau) is giving a lucky couple $25,000 to cover living expenses back home and 67 days of stay in a furnished 2-bedroom downtown Orlando condo in exchange for the couple blogging/tweeting/facebooking their experience of doing all 100 attractions Orlando, Florida Olando, Florida has to offer."Using cell phones, a digital video camera and still camera supplied to you, share your 67 Days of Smiles with the world through social media tools like blogs, Twitter and Facebook."What if The Daily City could secure funding to do a pro-local version of this idea? 1. If you are a business or org, would you donate to the grant pot, knowing it goes to basically build a gigantic ad for locally-owned business?

2. If you were a local, would you want to participate?

Blogging Fringe hearts The Daily City

Blog on Blog lovin wrote a favorable review of our Fringe coverage plans. Here's a snippet:"Mark Baratelli’s incredible arts and culture blog is going after Fringe in a big way.... Find helpful links, ALL the reviews, festival info, shows, and awards, ALL ON ONE PAGE. That’s mobile-phone friendly, and you can’t beat that. Mark is a genius, and he’s proved it once again."Thank you!________________________________________________
2009 Orlando Fringe: Our Guide | Write reviews | Read reviews | Patron Choice Awards

Advertise with The Daily City is an award-winning curated city + culture guide to Orlando read mostly by educated young women. Its helps newly transplanted residents find the interesting pockets of the city and leads long-time locals to the new and notable. Its become a media resource for local television and newspapers as well: many of our subjects end up on local television and in local newspapers later. Contact us about marketing partnerships.

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Cafe 118 has raw food, whatever that means

This is not an example of Raw Food.
Bookmark this new (to me) Orlando food blog: Julie's Raw ambition, all about raw food eating. (Source: Pulse of Central Orlando) I guess that means no deep fat fryer or coffee maker-warmed oatmeal.

Whatever, the post I want you to see has a brief interview with New York City-based raw food chef, author, traveler, and entreprenuer, Matthew Kenney, who just opened Café 118, in beautiful rich-white-people land, Winter Park. WARNING: Turn your speakers off before you visit the restaurant's website. Someone didn't take Web Design 101: the site has auto-playing music.

Anyways here is the interview:

JK: I understand Café 118 is a franchise concept. How do you find and train the proprietors and their staff to serve the delicious raw dishes that you’ve designed? Or should I ask, how do they find you?

MK: The franchise aspect of the concept will follow the launch and refinement of the concept, menu and operational processes. Beginning a franchise …

Curbed hates Florida's creepy billboard people, too

On Thursday October 16,, the "most-trafficked neighborhood and real-estate weblog on the web," linked to our post about Kai McBride's midtown Manhattan art installation showing off "Florida's creepy billboard people", giving us a big shot of New Yorker traffic and giving Orlando some out-of-city exposure.

About Curbed: "Since its launch in May 2004, Curbed has established itself as the center of the virtual conversation about real estate in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond. Sales and rental prices, celebrity deals, new developments, amusing broker stories, hot restaurants, and the latest neighborhood gossip—it's all on Curbed. Updated a dozen or more times throughout the day, and liberally spiced with reporting and dish from readers, Curbed has become a daily fix for tens of thousands of NYC residents—and the most-trafficked neighborhood and real-estate weblog on the web."

Greg Rollett: social marketing for musicans

Michael Wanzie, me and the "Pointless" poster
2008 Orlando Fringe Festival
Great post by another local blogger, Greg Rollett, about how unsigned bands can get some attention. I love what he says, and I'd say those in any industry can take his advice and apply it to their situation. I, for one, thought of Orlando Fringe when I read this particular paragraph. Replace "band" with "show". Or, here, I'll do it for you: "Flyers, posters and emailing your same group of people is not an answer, that is routine. No one gives a shit about routine. Be strange. Be outgoing. Be something that every other (show) is not. Anyone can (do a show) now, and a lot of people (do good shows). What you do to get people to care is what is going to make the difference..."Go read the whole article now while I re-think my entire Orlando Fringe show marketing strategy. (Yes, I might be coming back AGAIN to do my little solo improv show. I know, I know.. "Move on,…