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The Pollock Project

The Pollock Project was Sunday March 28, 2010 at 2pm at The Mennello Museum of American Art. (Video by Brian Feldman) It was a collaborative effort between DRIP and Beth Marshall Presents. We told you about it March 20, 2010. If you missed it, watch the video below. (We've eliminated our calendar so you gotta check back daily to keep up with notices like those.)

Yardsale of the Apocalypse | Photos

Described as the Yard Sale of the Apocalypse, a yard sale featuring the house-innards of Erika Whilhite (Co-Producer, War of the Worlds), Beth Marshall (Producer, Orlando Fringe), Kristina Goats (formerly with Orlando Fringe) and several other equaly creative-looking hipsters took place on the front yard (and sometimes spilling into the street) of Kristina's 2-story apartment building in Mills50 Saturday August 15, 2009. We told you about it August 11.

If you needed to decorate the set of some indie movie where the main characters live in an apartment you only wish you could live in, youd have been in heaven dropping $2 on ceramic unicorns, $3 on a glazed baby deer or 25 cents on a vintage Mark Baratelli Fringe button.

The early bird garage sale freaks came (of course) two hours before the sale's official start time of at 8:30am. Kristina was having none of it. As they dug through boxes and caused disorder, Kristina was quoted as saying "You can look all you want, but don…

TJ Dawe Totem Figures podcast

Oh wow this will blow Beth Marshall's mind. Fringe superstar TJ Dawe now has a podcast. Its a series of interviews of other people based on the concept of his one-man show "Totem Figures." And if you missed the live performance of that show, you can listen to it for free, in its entirety in audio form on the site.

Doterati Online Marketing panel

On June 25, 2009, 8am-9:30am, Doterati is hosting a breakfast panel about creative online branding strategies at the Crowne Plaza Orlando DowntownPanelists
Sterling Raphael, NFi Studios (moderator)
Anne Fischer, Busch Entertainment
Beth Marshall, Orlando Fringe"On Thursday, June 25th at 8am, let the coffee, eggs and bacon flow into our panelist’s experience and imagination as they take you on a journey through online design, strategic identity theories and digital branding. Find out what they look for when executing their online brand strategy and what truly motivates consumer decision making.

Who Should Attend: This event is tailored for marketing representatives, local business leaders, agencies and business owners that are dealing with internal budget cuts and faced with an uphill battle to do more with less. Communication professionals, local media firms and creatives in our community will have the opportunity to learn, participate and ask questions with professionals who are thr…


Photo Credit: Brian Feldman

Photo Credit: Brian Feldman
Thank God I was in the audience today for the 11:30am performance of Jeremy Seghers' "The Amazing Adventures of Normal People in 3D" at the Orlando Fringe Festival. It's a performance art piece done in the genre of theatre. The audience becomes the performer because the real performers (in this performance, they were the Fringe Festival's Producer Beth Marshall and actual performance artist Brian Feldman) die. What does an audience do when the performers die and are not allowed to leave until they pay a ten dollar fee? They become the show. And boy did this audience do just that.

But before I get to that, it should be noted for lovers of The Feldman, during the show Beth Marshall agreed to Brian's proposal for a site-specific show for the 2010 Orlando Fringe. The site? An elevator at the Shakespeare building. Audience size? One. And as Brian said, "No pregnant women allowed."

But back to the show..…

Orlando Fringe Producer Beth Marshall on radio today

May 13, 2009:Beth Marshall, producer of the Orlando Fringe Festival, will be on the WPRK 91.5 radio show Front Porch Radio, hosted by Ourlando founder Julie Norris at noon on May 13, 2009. She'll be joined by her former assistant of two years Jeremy Seghers.

Our Town runs till March 29

The Garden Theatre in Winter Garden is hosting the Beth Marshall-produced, David Lee-directed "Our Town" March 13-29, 2009. Friday and Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 2pm. Tickets are $22 ($18 for student and seniors). Read Elizabeth Maupin's review.

"A modern version of Thornton Wilder's American classic, revealing the ordinary lives of the people in the small town of Grover's Corners."________________________________________________
2009 Orlando Fringe: Our Guide | Write reviews | Read reviews | Patron Choice Awards

Torontoist hearts Beth Marshall's L'Ange Avec Les Fleurs

Congrats to Orlando Fringe Festival Producing Artistic Director's Beth Marshall and her latest production, "L'Ange Avec Les Fleurs," now showing at the Next Stage Theatre Festival in Toronto. It's getting raves reviews, including the one below from Torontoist.L'Ange Avec Les Fleurs is a genre-busting whirlwind, a production that blends circus, vaudeville, cabaret, puppetry, and narrative theatre in roughly equal proportions. We enter the theatre to find eight ragamuffin clowns already on stage, going through a set of pre-performance exercises that range from the predictable (stretches, vocal warm-ups) to the silly (butt-shaking features prominently). The fourth wall is nowhere to be found: in short order the audience is heckled, cajoled, made to sing, and yelled at by an officer of the Third Reich. The performers then set themselves to enacting a play-within-the-play, also (appropriately) named L'Ange Avec Les Fleurs. It's a classic tears-of-a-clown t…

Orlando Fringe October Fundraiser Show

Orlando Fringe Festival Producing Artistic Director Beth Marshall and Entertainment Legend Wayburn Sassy appeared on Orange County's Community Cafe' TV to promote the upcoming "All Hallows Ten For the Fringe" event, 10 ten-minute Halloween themed plays for ten bucks. (I'd re-name this event "All Hallows Ten In Ten For Ten" if you asked me, which you didn't.) The event includes a silent auction, food, fun, and a costume contest. All proceeds benefit the Orlando Fringe. Hosted by Michael "he should have his own damn daily radio show in Orlando" Wanzie, Pepe' (He had a fantastic Fringe show last year) & Beth "Queen of all Orlando Media" Marshall

Friday, October 17: 6pm Reception, 7pm show
Sunday, October 19: 7pm Show, Appetizers following

Raffle Prizes:
Tickets to Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Sea World, the Bach Festival, the Orlando Philharmonic's production of Sweeney Todd, as well as gift certificates for Seaso…

Arts and the Economy: Beth Marshall

"How will the recent economic events affect
you, your org, and/or your industry?"

Beth Marshall
Producing Artistic Director
Orlando Fringe Festival

In the past week, I received several email invitations to at least 5 local theatres/production companies asking me to bring people (comped) to their shows because tix sales were slim and they would rather play to a comped house than a no house, so to speak.

The economy has taken its toll on theatres (and already hard pressed business)
I see this first hand in the non-booked tix for our Annual All Hallows 10 fundraiser (Oct. 17th & 19th) I see this in the fewer amount of applications for the festival itself (last year I had triple the apps as what I currently have by this same date) and I saw this with the tix sales for L'Ange at The Garden Theatre and with Wasteland at The Margeson.It SUX! Of course, I see this as in budgetary grant funding cuts across the board in the arts, in school funding of the arts, in butts in seats in ho…

Toronto Next Stage Festival: L'Ange Avec Les Fleurs

UPDATE 1-7-08: An anonymous commenter says today "Next Stage Runs January 7-18, 2009." I had the year and the final date incorrect.

The Toronto Next Stage Festival is a juried annual festival that accepts eight artists/groups per year and only one international act (ie: not from Canada). Last year the show was "Bash'd," which is now moving to Broadway. Who is the 2009 selecton? L'Ange Avec Les Fleurs, the show produced by Orlando Fringe Festival Producing Artistic Director Beth Marshall. The show will be performed as part of the festival in Toronto January 7-17, 2009. Congratulations to the cast, crew and producer!

Beth Marshall: give her some money

Beth Marshall is the first lady of new/underground/experimnetal/unjuried/successful Arts in Orlando. When she speaks, we listen. So when she asks for cash for Fringe, we listen with our checkbooks out. In her latest blog post, she describes how Fringe is crossing that line this year from small to large festival at the same time more competition for arts-funding monies in Orlando is occurring.

My question is, who are the new guys in town and how do we eliminate them so Fringe can get more money?

Just kidding.

Read her blog post, do what she asks and watch the Orlando Fringe grow.