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Photos | Mobile Art Show #1

Mobile Art Show | Orlando, FL
On August 5, 2009,'s very first Mobile Art Show took to the roads of Orlando, Florida. From 10am to 7pm, the show was either prepping, showing or traveling. For this first show, a UHaul was chosen to carry the over-40-piece collection of locally-made art because it was easier than getting an ice cream truck, which is the ideal vehicle for this. The locations for each stop were sent via twitter to I, Mark Baratelli, was the driver and Brian Feldman was the co-pilot. Dan Ginader assisted me in the hanging of the art. Photos:
--Orlando Sentinel photo gallery | 44 photos
--Ours, a sampling | 51 photos
--Ours, all of them | 252

Press Coverage:
--Orlando Sentinel "Best Bet"
--Metromix Weekly Event Pick
--Orlando Weekly event page
--EmmaBunny for SMV, an LA shop
What is Mobile Art Show:
Dan Ginader, friend to The Daily City, came to Stop #2 (Enzian Theatre) with his daughter and got some video of the proceedings the…

The Barf Hand Series #1

The Barf Hand series has arrived! Tonight I swanged by Stardust to meet with Telethon Veginald Cheeseburger to pick up this ten-piece series based on his original painting of the loveable furry animal thing with the magical puking hand. Each one is a screenprint/paint mix on glossy photo paper. One is giant and framed, the rest are ready for framing. These will be for sale (among other pieces from other artists) at the first Mobile Art Show. If you just can't wait till the Mobile Art Show and have to buy one now, email me.

The big framed one

All ten

Barf Hand

I got to meet one-on-one this afternoon with the artist who created this glorious painting titled Barf Hand, Telethon Veginald Cheeseburger. I first saw the painting when it was on display last Friday at the Florida Quarterly Noise Report Art Show and I am in love with it.

He has agreed to create ten original brand new pieces each riffing on Barf Hand for Mobile Art Show. They will be smaller screenprints on canvas and priced more affordably than the original painting. If you want to pre-order, send me an email and I can hook you up.

He laughed at my idea for his next subject: Snot Foot.

Florida Quarterly Noise Report Art Show

The Florida Quarterly Noise Report Art Show on June 26, 2009 at 8pm at Stardust in Audubon Park featured a video installation about black box recorders, a blinking "SHOP" sign, art hanging from tree branches, a short film featuring two masked performers called "The Triscils", and a monster with a puking hand.