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Monday, February 06, 2012

Brian Feldman's 48 Hour Yard Sale

The Daily City stopped by Brian Feldman's "48 Yard Sale" in the final four hour stretch. It started Friday, February 3, 2012 at 12:00pm and ended Sunday, February 5, 2012 at 12:00pm. It was, indeed, non-stop 48 consecutive hours of selling, buying, purging and collecting. 

It took place at what Feldman called the "Lowndes Performance Art Center," a private residence formerly owned by John & Rita Lowndes, two names you may remember seeing emblazoned throughout the Shakespeare Center in Loch Haven Park. The home was also residence of the first Orlando Naval Training Center Captain, who built the house. 

This event was funded in part by a Professional Development Grant from United Arts of Central Florida. The yard was cluttered with tables topped with interesting old objects from Brian's past. One thing caught our eye and separated us from twenty bucks: a box of hundreds of movie stubs dating back to the late 80s.

The yard sale had branded hats, signs, buttons (made on demand) and one custom Washington sports jersey worn by Feldman.

This was ultimately a sad project because of the reason why it took place - Feldman is moving to Washington, D.C. It served as his second-to-last un-commissioned project in Orlando. See him Tuesday night for the final one. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

@ArtsFestUA 2012 | Top Ten "Non-Ticketed Events"

ArtsFest, a production of United Arts of Central Florida, is one of our favorite annual Orlando events. This year, the celebration of Central Florida arts and culture takes place for the entire month of February 2012 and includes 302 completely free events held in 87 locations throughout Lake, Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. But with so many great free events, how can you possibly decide on what to see? See our 2012 Tickets Are Limited Picks

As we did last year, here are our picks for the top ten "Non-Ticketed" events of ArtsFest 2012, in order of date. All events below are completely free. No tickets are required. Just show up and enjoy!

@ArtsFestUA 2012 | Top Ten "Tickets Are Limited Events"

ArtsFest, a production of United Arts of Central Florida, is one of our favorite annual Orlando events. This year, the celebration of Central Florida arts and culture takes place for the entire month of February 2012 and includes 302 completely free events held in 87 locations throughout Lake, Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. But with so many great free events, how can you possibly decide on what to see? See our 2012 Non-Ticketed Picks

Last year, we offered up a list of the best ticketless events of the festival. Since this is the largest ArtsFest to date and first to feature a Ticket Lottery, here are our picks for the top ten "Tickets Are Limited Events" of ArtsFest 2012, in order of date.

All events below are completely free. However – they all require you to register for the Ticket Lottery; the deadline for which is this Saturday, January 21. (So what are you waiting for? Register today!) Keep in mind that if you don't get tickets to any of these events through the lottery, or are low on the standby list, you could always try your luck by showing up to the venue – early – and playing the waiting game. Sometimes, this works! Not always, but sometimes.

Thursday, July 07, 2011 Oviedo Food Truck Bazaar Welcomes United Arts

United Arts tirelessly promotes the performing and visual arts in Orlando, which is awesome. We were asked to let them and their partner orgs interview some of our 2,000+ guests at our June 12th Oviedo Food Tuck Bazaar for their The Arts Matter campaign. We of course said yes! Below is the video they made at the bazaar. If this makes you not only hungry for the arts but for the food truck bazaar, our next monthly Oviedo Food Truck Bazaar is Sunday, July 10th at Oviedo Mall, 6-10pm. Our next one after that is back in Orlando Sunday July 17, 2011 at Fashion Square Mall.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

United Arts ArtsFest 2011 | Best Free and Ticketless Events

ArtsFest 2011 tickets went on sale Tuesday morning and many events sold out in minutes. However, what's great about ArtsFest is that most of the events involved are ticketless and free. No reservations, no will call, no tickets! Here are our picks for the top ten free ticketless events of ArtsFest 2011, in order of date.

Feb 4th 10am - 4pm 
Cornell Fine Arts Museum - Free admission
One of the best museums in Central Florida.

Feb 4th noon - 12:30pm
MicheLee Puppets - A Good Day for Pancake
Good option for families with small children 
in a usually inaccessible venue.

Feb 5th 1:30pm
Maitland Art Center and Maitland Historical Museums - "txt"
It's in the Telephone Museum, which you didn't even know existed.

Feb 5th 7pm - 8:30pm
Emotions Dance Company - Poetry in Motion
Remount of one of the top local dance events of 2010 

Feb 6th 8am - midnight
Stardust Video & Coffee in partnership with Brian Feldman Projects - The Skill Crane Kid
It's Brian Feldman. It's 16 hours. It's the most eclectic offering of this year's ArtsFest, 
one of the few events created specifically for ArtsFest and perfectly suitable for kids 
and people who could care less about televised sporting events.

Feb 7th 9pm - 10pm
Thunder Hag - Gift of the Magi
Marionette show with an original electronic score. 

Feb 12th - 13th | 10am - 5pm both days
Mennello Museum of American Art - 9th Annual Orlando Folk Festival
Best outdoor art show in Central Florida, according to PWDCFTWPSAF 
(People Who Don't Care For The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival).

Feb 12th 11am - 3pm
Lake Eustis Museum of Art - Art Escapade III
It's quite the drive, but Carl Knickerbocker's current exhibit is worth the art car.

Feb 12th 12:30pm - 6pm
Pinocchio's Marionette Theater - Alice in Wonderland
A one-of-a-kind venue in Central Florida, and another good option for families.

Feb 13th noon - 4pm
Orlando Museum of Art - Free admission 
Current exhibit is "XX-XY/Gender Representation in Art:
One of the best shows at OMA in a while. Be sure to squeeze the torso.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

United Arts 2011 Organizational Project Grant Recipients

United Arts 2011 Organizational Project Grant Recipients:

$8,400 - Central Florida Ballet, 2010-11 Season
$4,390 - Florida Children's Repertory Theatre, 2010-11 Season
$5,420 – The Global Peace Film Festival, 9th Annual Global Peace Film Festival
$8,500 - Mad Cow Theatre, 2010-11 Season of Theatre and Special Events
$8,500 - MicheLee Puppets, Safety and Healing Through Puppetry Arts
$4,520 – The Orlando Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival
$10,000 - Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, 20 Years of Orlando Fringe
$6,800 - Orlando Gay Chorus, 2010-11 Season
$1,000 – Pointe Performing Arts Center, 2010-11 Season
$2,450 – Shine Performing and Creative Arts, 2010-11 Season
$3,070 - Voci Dance, iMove: An audience-interactive dance show incorporating multi-media
$2,570 - Yow Dance, 2010-11 Season

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Out & About #6 | Emma Kruch

Out & About With Jeremy Seghers
Featuring Mark Baratelli
Fridays 12pm-1pm | WPRK 91.5FM

Episode #6 Emma Kruch (Original Air Date: 5/28/10) Communications Manager at United Arts of Central Florida, Independent Arts Consultant, Arts & Culture Blogger and Vice President of the Associates for 1st Thursdays at Orlando Museum of Art. NOTE: Technical difficulties cause the recording starts 20 minutes after the full show began.

About The Show: The Daily City contributor Jeremy Seghers hosts a theatre/arts radio show Fridays noon to 1pm on WPRK 91.5 fm. The final 15 minutes of the show feature MEditor Mark Baratelli giving an events and news wrap up.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back That Yard Up: Nothing to do in Orlando? Taint so, says United Arts

At 8:10am Wednesday morning, two happy awake men greeted me as "Sir" and Thomas Thorspecken as "Mr Thorspecken" as we walked into the Orlando Shakes lobby for Arts in Your Backyard, "Where Newcomers Meet the Arts," put on by United Arts in one of the two lobbies inside Orlando Shakes. This event is done rarely and gives a stage for one person from a handful of arts orgs they fund (six today) to stand in front of an audience and describe their org to varying depths. They usually have a projector and screen, but today they used good old stapled paper.

The mostly blue-haired audience seemed interested. I liked watching them win raffle prizes. Someone said, when the first of about ten prizes were handed out, "The first one of the day! That's real luck!"

Shannon Lacek from Orlando Shakes spoke about her recent trip to the Shakespeare Theatre Associaton Conference where she stood on the Globe Theatre stage on her non-Polio-addled feet, as well as her amazement that the actors in her shows memorize two shows (Hamlet and Alls Well That Ends Well) in rep. I am amazed as well, as many of the shows are performed at 10am for children. Too bad they don't offer tickets for those performances.

Cory Warren, Events Coordinator for United Arts and for ArtsFest said 17% of the genre-crossing, free ArtsFest events require reservations and 10% of all tickets at every event are held for walk-ups i.e.: people like me who can't plan ahead.

Henry Maldonado from Enzian Theatre gave away two tickets to any movie to everyone in the audience. John Thiesen from United Arts spoke about his project FilmSlam, the indie short hour-long viewing, he produces for Enzian. Love it. Go there. Susan Bright from Orlando Philharmonic shared that they rehearse in the Orlando Shakes building and broke into tears while talking about Izak Pearlman dragging his Polio-addled body across the stage. Scott Evans from Orange County Arts Education Center shared a pro-arts study and Autumn Ames showed a print out of her, comforting us with the fact that the real website is prettier.

Listen to related interviews:
Orlando Philharmonic Conductor
FilmSlam producer John Thiesen
Red Chair Project's Autumn Ames

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Photos | Mobile Art Show #1

Mobile Art Show | Orlando, FL
On August 5, 2009,'s very first Mobile Art Show took to the roads of Orlando, Florida. From 10am to 7pm, the show was either prepping, showing or traveling. For this first show, a UHaul was chosen to carry the over-40-piece collection of locally-made art because it was easier than getting an ice cream truck, which is the ideal vehicle for this. The locations for each stop were sent via twitter to I, Mark Baratelli, was the driver and Brian Feldman was the co-pilot. Dan Ginader assisted me in the hanging of the art.
--Orlando Sentinel photo gallery | 44 photos
--Ours, a sampling | 51 photos
--Ours, all of them | 252

Press Coverage:
--Orlando Sentinel "Best Bet"
--Metromix Weekly Event Pick
--Orlando Weekly event page
--EmmaBunny for SMV, an LA shop

What is Mobile Art Show:
Dan Ginader, friend to The Daily City, came to Stop #2 (Enzian Theatre) with his daughter and got some video of the proceedings there, went back home (after an errand-run to Publix) and edited together this video! He is awesome.

Truck Interior:
I rented the truck for a total of two days, so I could spend one day hanging the art and decorating the truck. When I was done, I made this video tour. The white bottles are filled with bubbles.

Stop #1 | 11:30am-12:00pm
Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
Orlando Ave at Fairbanks

Brian thought it would be funny if we went to a "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" for our first stop, as there is a song called "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell." One visitor to the show told us there was not enough Christian art.
1st stop: Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
She thought we should have more Christian art.
Two people from a frame store
The rings were popular with the ladies
Twittering my location

Stop #2 | 12:15pm-1pm
Enzian Theatre
Orlando Ave, Maitland

After I decided to go to Enzian, everyone and their mother told me not to go there. I ended up selling one Barf Hand and three rings and a photographer from Metromix came by.

Josie and Dan Ginader with their rings and their cash
She bought a Barf hand

Stop #3 | 1:15pm-230pm
United Arts/ Clear Channel parking lot
Maitland, FL

Three people from United Arts came out of their offices, but only two actually got into the truck. A woman from a nearby office walked up to the truck and asked what it was. I said it was an art show. She turned her head, screamed at her friend across the parking lot "Its an art show!" and continued walking away.
In the Clear Channel parking lot
Picture 1

Stop #4 | 3pm-3:45pm
Edgewater Drive parking lot
This stop got rained out. Also, I left the back door open on the ride from Maitland and the floor and some of the paper on the walls got wet. Disaster. The co-owner of Infusion Tea sent me an email the day before, inviting me to park my truck in his lot. When I showed up, he claimed he had no idea I would be traveling in a UHaul and appeared startled. We did not set up the show and moved onto the next stop.

Stop #5 | 4pm-4:45pm
Parramore Community Garden
I chose this spot to bring attention to this wonderful urban garden endeavor. I love it, I think there should be more of them, and anything I can do to help, I will. Google it and go see it.

4th stop: Parramore Community Garden

Stop #6 | 5pm-6pm
Loving Hut on Colonial
Brian, my co-pilot, wanted to stop here so we could pull in front of the giant hot dog and give them the vegan middle finger. The artist who made the baby girl reindeer screenprints showed up on a moped! Also, Orlando Sentinel photographer Matthew Simantov, the publisher of a wakeboarding magazine and his wife, their two babies and a photog from Metromix showed up!
... and the giant hot dog stand
Orlando Sentinel photographer
Brian and Ericka's dog
The atist and her reindeer girls
Her husband owns a wakeboarding magazine

Stop #7 | 6pm-7pm
Barnes & Noble on Colonial
Erika from "War of the Worlds" and Brian thought it would be fun to park the truck in front of Barnes & Noble and get asked to leave. So I did. And we did.
Final stop: Barnes & Noble
Final stop: Barnes & Noble
Final stop: Barnes & Noble

Final Tally: 7 stops
Me and all the stops

Bye Mobile Art Show
Bye Mobile Art Show!

Thank you: Brian Feldman, Dan Ginader, Jozie, the artists in the show, Orlando Sentinel, Metromix Orlando, Orlando Weekly and Erica for publicizing the show to every single human being who came in and out of Barnes & Noble until we got kicked out.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Why is science and history being funded with arts money?

For 2009, United Arts of Central Florida raised more than $3.1 million in its campaign to fund arts and approved nearly $1.7 million worth of grants to the following 13 groups:
Orlando Museum of Art | $283,261

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra | $244,721

Orlando Ballet | $225,734

Orlando Science Center | $199,943

Orlando Shakespeare Theater | $120,775

Bach Festival Society | $91,345

Orlando Repertory Theatre | $67,736

Festival of Orchestras | $67,909

Enzian Theater | $43,607

Crealdé School of Art | $45,121

Association to Preserve the Eatonville Community | $42,541

Maitland Art Center | $36,152

Orange County Regional History Center | $27,163
This just might be my complete and total ignorance on this topic, but while these history and science entities are wonderful and deserve all the funding they can get, why is money from United ARTS (underline the word arts) funding entities not even involved in art? (Orlando Science Center | The History Center | Association to Preserve the Eatonville Community)

Again, this could be my ignorance speaking, but is there no history or historical preservation fund? Science and education fund? If so, then why are these groups dipping into the arts pocket? If not, then why are there not dedicated sources to fund the sciences and history programs in this city?

I am ready to be proven wrong! Bring it!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

United Arts "In Your Backyard" event

P1200828This sounds neat: "Arts and culture is all around us in Central Florida, but some of us just don't know where to look. Join Smooth 103.1 WLOQ and United Arts of Central Florida for "In Your Backyard: Where Newcomers Meet The Arts," a crash course in all that Central Florida's arts and cultural community has to offer. Wednesday, July 8, 2009; 8am-9:30am; Orange County Regional History Center (65 East Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801 | MAP) Register to win prizes and discounts to arts events in your backyard. Call (407) 628-0333 for more information."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Links: Orlando is no West Palm Beach. WHY?

Stray Creative bagged brownies
Local is guuuud: Stray Creative

Why is Orlando not like West Palm Beach? Playbill
Anti*Pop Music Festival starts Nov 13 The Arts Connection
Orlando Ballet cuts it's Nuts Orlando Sentinel
United Arts now in basketball industry? Orlando Sentinel
Who is Angel and why is she spamming me? Church Street Concepts
Orlando Fringe applications due Nov 15 Orlando Fringe

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Professional Development Grants

Are you an artist - of any genre? You can get up to $1,500 for projects benefiting your art.
Artists include musicians, actors, mixed media artists, costume designers, filmmakers, illustrators, set or lighting designers, playwrights, dancers, painters, poets, directors, photographers, sculptors, novelists, and the list goes on.
Are you an employee of a cultural nonprofit organization (with a mission focused on arts, culture, history or science) - in other words, an arts administrator? You can get up to $500 for activities benefiting your career.
Arts administrators might have a job in marketing, development, programs, finance, executive, and the list goes on.
What's a project?
Your first step is to figure out what you could do with the money that take you one step forward in your career as an artist or arts administrator. Just a FEW of the options: An artist might choose to create a performance, write a script, create new visual art, or study with a master artist. An administrator could attend a conference or class. Read the guidelines for more details, and if you're not sure, ask!
Example Projects for Arts Administrators
Example Projects for Performing Artists

How it works:
Applying for a grant includes choosing a clear-cut project that will take place during the period of 2/1/09 - 1/31/10, writing about your project, making a list of the project expenses, and providing your resumé and other supporting documents (for artists, this includes work samples). Your application is read by a panel of community volunteers, who will score your application and then discuss it in a public panel meeting. If you are awarded a grant, you will accomplish the project during the period of 2/1/09 - 1/31/10, and write a final report.

To get started:
We encourage you to come to a workshop to learn about the program. Also, you should read the guidelines and application on our Web site. Make sure it's the current version (2009 guidelines, available end of September). Contact Mary at 407.628.0333 x32 or with any questions.

Due Date:
Applications are due 5:00 pm Thursday, November 6, 2008.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Arts and the Economy: Margot H. Knight

"How will the recent economic events affect
you, your org, and/or your industry?"

Margot H. Knight
President & CEO
United Arts of Central Florida, Inc.

2009 Observations and Overview
Business people I have spoken with anticipate 2-3 years before our economy bounces back. The issues with the nation’s financial markets have both immediate and long-term implications for philanthropy and sponsorships.

For the first time since our UA’s inception in 1989, the organizations we fund are PROJECTING negative growth, e.g projected budgets for FY09 are LESS THAN FY08 year-end estimates.    

Next year’s government support and attendant challenges will make this year’s look like a walk in the park.  The state’s looming $3.5 billion deficit for 09-10 will add to the dilemma local governments are facing.

Dr. P. Phillips Orlando Performing Arts Center will, conservatively, be twice the size of any extant cultural organization. Scheduled to open in 2012, it is reasonable to expect that production costs for its resident companies (Orlando Ballet, Opera, and Philharmonic and Festival of Orchestras) will triple or quadruple.

State funding for cultural organizations in central Florida via the Division of Cultural Affairs was reduced by 52% ($992,606 vs. $473,615)

Reductions from local governments via United Arts of nearly 15% ($2,285,615 vs. $1,942,819) contributed to a 11% aggregate reduction in grants.  This takes us back to 2002 levels.

Doesn’t take Nostradamus to tell us we are in for a challenging time—both for earned and contributed income streams. We’re in for a few years of tough choices.

State of the Arts and Cultural Sector
The aggregate FY08 operational budgets (or GROSS CULTURAL PRODUCT) of the non-profit cultural community in central Florida is about $43 million. That is about half the size of Tampa’s, one-third the size of Charlotte, and about one-fourth the size of Atlanta, Seattle, and Kansas City.

On average, this is comprised of 53% earned income and 30% contributed income. The rest is attributable to local, state or federal government resources.

About 1/3 of the $12.5M in aggregate contributed income is provided via the United Arts campaign. In FY08, United Arts provided 12.5% of the cultural communities’ budgets through grants and contracts.

PLEASE NOTE—These figures are shifting daily so ANY use of them after TODAY should be confirmed with Margot H. Knight.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

United Arts: Professional Development Grants

(In 2007 I was awarded one of these grants to take my solo show, Improv Cabaret, to the New York City Fringe Festival. I HIGHLY recommend you take a look at this program if you are an artist with a project. Free money and it's a wonderful experience to go through if you've never applied for grants before. United Arts is super-supportive and understanding of newbies. Believe me. They are VERY understanding of newbies! -Mark)

The United Arts of Central Florida Professional Development Grants:
"Attention all artists and arts administrators! You can get grant funding from United Arts of Central Florida (up to $1,500 and $500 respectively) for projects benefiting your career through the 2009 Professional Development Grants program. You can: (1) read guidelines and application from last year at (click on Grants, then Professional Development), this year’s version to be available by end of September; (2) come to a workshop (optional) to learn about the program, or contact or 407.628.0333 x32 with any questions; and (3) apply by the deadline, 5:00 pm Thursday, November 6, 2008. Workshops will occur Sept. 27 – Oct. 16 (details on our website). We hope you’ll apply!"

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ikea Red Chair Project Gallery: Feldman and Knight

Brian Feldman and Margot Knight; Photo Credit: Nick

The Red Chair Gallery at Ikea Orlando is still going strong. and who's there on an almost hourly basis, in his own chair titled "I Am a Red Chair"? Orlando's top Performance Artist (as named in the 2008 Orlando Weekly "Best Of" list) Brian Feldman! I recommend following his daily observations as he sits and is observed by the Ikea-shopping Orlandoeans. Saturday July 26, 2008, he got a brief visit from Central Florida arts and culture guru (Officially titled "United Arts of Central Florida President") Margot Knight. (Source)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Fringe takes cover on Orlando Arts Magazine

The Orlando Fringe, May 15-26, got big attention on the cover of Orlando Arts Magazine, produced by United Arts of Central Florida. Go here to see what shows are in this year's festival.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Seminole County wants to cut United Arts funding

Margot H. Knight, President & CEO of United Arts and Minda Logan, Director of Grants & Government Affairs for United Arts sent out an email with some disturbing news: Seminole County might be cutting it's funding to United Arts by 100%. That means zero investment in
-Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center (Helen Stairs Theatre).

-Seminole Cultural Arts Council.

-for the children served by Orlando Ballet's Seminole school.

- funds that support Seminole artists, arts organizations and arts education programs.

-the Central Florida cultural organizations enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Seminole County residents.
Read the email here and let the people who recommended this move know your thoughts. Every little bit helps.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Nonprofit Speed Networking: April 2, 2008

Nonprofit professionals, volunteers and board members looking to network, build partnerships and collaborate on projects.

Worry-free speed networking pairs everyone up with questions to guide your brief conversation. This might be the conversation that changes your life forever. Meet new people, exchange ideas, and develop relationships that could lead to collaborative work projects, friendships, new jobs and more. Practice your two minute “elevator speech” and brush up on your networking skills in a comfortable and fun way. Drinks and light appetizers will be provided.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Galloway room in Mills Memorial Center at Rollins College

Free and Open to All, Registration is Required

To register:
-visit them online
-call 407-975-6414
United Arts of Central Florida, Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

United Arts checks in

An Email from United Arts:
Dear Friends,

The leadership of Secretary of State Browning was critical to our industry not receiving greater recommended reductions in the Governor's budget. Please send him a quick thank you for his leadership to protect arts, cultural, humanities, and historical resources. His e-mail is Please also send an e-mail to the Governor for his support of our industry in tough economic times: We are part of the solution to kick start and build our state's economy. Partnership with the state is appreciated and essential.

Here is a 9-page PDF that lists current and proposed state arts and cultural budget details: If you decide to print it, it’s in a letter-size, landscape format. The following information is on the attachment:

Grant Line Items for Division of Cultural Affairs and Division of Historical Resources
-past, current, and proposed, pages 1-2
-List of Ranked 2008-2009 Cultural Facility Projects, pages 3-4
-List of Ranked 2008-2009 Challenge Grant Projects, page 6
-List of Ranked 2008-2009 Historic Preservation Special Category Projects, pages 7-8
-Other Culturally Related Requests in Governor's Proposed FY 2008-2009 Budget, page 9

Now that the Governor has released his budget, the next steps are review by key Senate and House Appropriations Councils/Committees. The links are included on attachment.

We will continue to advocate during the legislative process for the dollar amounts in column number 5 on pages 1 and 2 of the attached document.

As always, thank you for your advocacy efforts!

Margot H. Knight
President & CEO

Minda Logan
Director of Grants and Government Affairs

United Arts of Central Florida
P.O. Box 940068
Maitland, FL 32794-0068
407.628.9110 Fax