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Florida Film Festival Connections; Thank You, Del: The Story of The Del Close Marathon & SAK Comedy Lab

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By: Denna Beena  Contributing Connector

Did you know that Orlando has one of the best improv comedy theaters in the country? SAK Comedy Lab has been making people laugh and starting the careers of performers like Wayne Brady, Paula Pell, Dee Baker Bradley and so many others for years. I would bet everyone one of SAK's performers have read Del Close's book Truth In Comedy at least once!

Florida Film Festival is screening "Thank You, Del: The Story of The Del Close Marathon". From their site: " Though Close barely made a mark as a performer, he revolutionized modern comedy by transforming improv from an acting exercise to an art form. (He literally wrote the book on the subject:Truth in Comedy.) Forget telling jokes—Close wanted performers to invent sketches live, like a jazz band playing without charts. Fear serves to sharpen the senses, revealing truth (and humor) like no script could...If…

Tips for attending the Florida Film Festival!

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By: Denna Beena Contributing Florida Film Festival Fan!

Here's some helpful tips so you can enjoy the Florida Film Festival! From me to you! 

After reviewing the Florida Film Festival website and picking your films,buy your tickets online
It's the best way to guarantee you get a ticket! If you aren't able to get your ticket online, bee line it to either box office. There's one at each of the festival locations, Enzian and Regal Winter Park. 

Once you have your tickets, be sure to check the location of your films. There's nothing more frustrating than showing up at the wrong location. 

Arrive early, you never know how parking will be plus give yourself time to go potty and maybe get a snack! :)

Once you are inside the theater, check in on the social media ( @floridafilmfest, #FFF2016) then TURN yo phone OFF.  
Turn your cell phone off, not to silent, off. 
Just turn it off, you'll be fine.  


FFF Movie Spotlight: Shorts Programs

By: Denna Beena Contributing Writer 

The Shorts Programs are usually some of my favorite films of the festival. So far I have seen 4 out of the 10 short programs offered. Fool's Day from the Program 1: Perfect Day is ranking as one of my overall favorite films of the festival! 
If you can't choose what to see at Florida Film Festival why not give one of these a try. 

Shorts Program 1: Perfect Day

Tue, April 8th 7:00PM - 8:55PMRegal Winter Park Village B

Shorts 2: Satelitte of Love

Wed, April 9th 4:30PM - 6:30PMRegal Winter Park Village B
Shorts Program 3: Vicious
Thu, April 10th 3:30PM - 5:20PMRegal Winter Park Village A

Shorts Program 4: Walk on the Wild Side

Thu, April 10th 8:30PM - 10:20PMRegal Winter Park Village A

Shorts Program 5: Animated 

Wed, April 9th 6:45PM - 8:30PMEnzian

Fri, April 11th 9:30PM - 11:15PMRegal Winter Park Village A

Florida Shorts: The Best of Brouhaha
Sun, April 13th 2:00PM - 3:45PMRegal Winter Park Village A #supportlocalfilm 

Midnight Shorts

Sat, April 12th 11:59PM -…

Photos: Florida Film Festival Opening Party

By: Denna Beena Contributing Writer

Last night officially opened the Florida Film Festival. The party was held at Eden Bar and inside the Enzian where cocktails and yummy food was every where. The evening was complete with live music and has set the 10 day festival in full swing.

Thank you to all of the wonderful event sponsors for a great and tasty night!

FFF Movie Spotlight: The Final Member

By: Denna Beena Contributing Writer   

The Final Member

type: Documentary Feature


Tue, April 8th 9:30PM - 10:50PMRegal Winter Park Village B

Fri, April 11th 11:30PM - 12:50AMRegal Winter Park Village B

penis museum (do you need more?), quirky

my notes: A fun documentary. Would you even know there was a Penis Museum if it weren't for the Florida Film Festival? I know I wouldn't! Thanks FFF! 

from the Florida Film Festival: Sigurdur Hjartarson, curator of the Icelandic Phallogical Museum in Husavik, thirty miles from the Arctic Circle, is searching for one final sample for his collection—a human penis. Over the past 40 years, the world’s only museum devoted to the male mammalian sex organ has amassed samples from every species on the planet except for a human specimen. A professor of folklore, miscellaneous doctors, family members, and two prospective competing donors make appearances in this surprisingly tasteful yet frequently hilarious documentary. Directors Jonah Bek…

FFF Movie Spotlight: I Feel Like Disco

By: Denna Beena Contributing Writer 

I Feel Like Disco

type: Narrative Feature/ International Feature


Wed, April 9th 9:00PM - 10:35PM Regal Winter Park Village A

Sat, April 12th 6:45PM - 8:20PM Enzian

coming of age, coming out, young love, family 

my notes: This has been my favorite of what I have seen at the previews. I thought this movie was really sweet and well cast. *In German with English subtitles

from the Florida Film Festival website:
I FEEL LIKE DISCO tells the bittersweet story of a family learning to accept each other. Slightly overweight, teenaged Florian (newcomer Frithjof Gawenda) has trouble fitting in with people his own age and shows little interest in sports or girls. When he’s alone, he likes to dance to his favorite German disco star. His father Hanno (Heiko Pinkowski) trains divers at the local pool and knows that his relationship with Florian is stressed nearly to the breaking point. Florian’s mother Monika (a dazzling Christina Grosse) was always there …

Bill Plymton stops by the Enzian

By: Denna Beena Contributing Writer

Bill Plymton stopped by Enzian theater to do an introduction to his feature Hair High. I first came to know about Mr. Plympton and his Plymtoons when I saw Guard Dog as part of the animated shorts program at the Florida Film Festival. I feel in love with that dog and began following his works each year at the festival.

If you ave visited the Eden Bar at the Enzian you have seen the mural. That was created by Bill.

Bill will be back for this years festival where he has a feature, Cheatin', being screened.

showing on: 
Mon, April 7th 9:30PM - 11:05PM Enzian

Sat, April 12th 11:30PM - 12:50AM Regal Winter Park Village B
from the FFF website:

Bill Plympton, one of the forefathers of independent animation, is back with his first full-length feature in five years, CHEATIN’. After comely Ella stumbles into a carnival, her life is put into jeopardy when a bumper car ride goes awry. She’s quickly rescued by muscle-bound Jake, and his heroism trigger…

Oscar® Watch Party at Enzian | Yell at Stars With Others, Not Alone at Home

(We're introducing a new twice-weekly film feature on The Daily City named "Orlando Lens" written by Nicholas Ware. He'll be your guide to the celluloid soul of Central Florida. From screen to shining screen, there's plenty of fun to discover for both casual flick fans and those who are certifiably movie mad.)

Orlando Lens
By Nicholas Ware

This weekend features one of the biggest events of the year for any film geek, dweeb, spazz, or regular person with a normal, healthy interest in watching features. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents their annual awards known by their colloquial name, the Oscars®. 

And while Hollywood's elite meet to bleat and be chic, Orlando's motley crew of cinephiles are sure to be heading to the premiere independent movie house in town, the Enzian Theatre,  for Red Carpet, Bright Lights: An Oscar® Watch Party at Eden Bar and on Enzian's Big Screen on Sunday February 24, 2013. 

While it's fun to crack…

Monsieur Lazhar at Enzian

By Samir Mathur
Contributing writer
Staff page | Twitter | Tumblr

This is a repost from my FFF2012 coverage

MONSIEUR LAZHAR is playing at Enzian, today through Thursday,  (Details)
This is an absorbing little French-language film from Canada, that was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at this Oscars, where it was beaten by 'A Separation'. Set in snowy Montreal, the story is about the titular educator, an immigrant from Algeria, who shows up out of nowhere after a sixth-grade teacher hangs herself in the classroom. He inherits a class of youngsters struggling to come to terms with what happened, while trying to inspire and educate them the way he believes, while also battling with the demons from his own past. The film moves at a nice, relaxed pace, and doesn't try to sugar coat anything or try and be a crowd-pleasing 'Dead Poet's Society' clone, as an American counterpart probably would have. The performances from Mohamed Fellag as Monsieur Lazhar, and t…

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie at Enzian

By Samir MathurContributing writer Staff page | Twitter | Tumblr

TIM AND DOLLAR'S BILLION DOLLAR MOVIE plays at Enzian on Friday and Saturday nights at 11.59pm. (Details and tickets)

It’s very difficult to explain Tim and Eric to someone that doesn’t know them. I must confess that I am, at best, a moderate fan of theirs. I enjoyed their first TV show, ‘Tom Goes To The Mayor’ quite a bit, but their ‘Awesome Show, Great Job!’ was always a little bit too much for me. They’re the masters of anti-comedy - holding every reaction shot for too long; repeating a catchphrase too many times; using sharp edits and extreme close ups, etc. Most of their laughs come from things that demonstrably shouldn’t be funny, but become funny for exactly that reason. Also, they are usually pretty disgusting. Basically, the TV show gave viewers a million reasons not to enjoy it, but many people loved it for exactly those reasons.

So when they came to making a feature film, Tim and Eric were faced with a dilemma…

Sundance USA presents ARBITRAGE

By Samir MathurContributing writer Staff page | Twitter | Tumblr

This year, the Sundance Film Festival is taking some of its big-name films on the road for the first time. Last night, our very own Enzian was one of only nine theaters in the country chosen to play a title from the 2012 festival. ARBITRAGE (boy, that title is annoying and hard to say) received its world premiere in Park City on the 21st, and five nights later, it was playing here in Maitland. Not only that, but star Brit Marling (last seen in the award-winning 'Another Earth' ) was in the house to introduce and take questions afterwards. It was a great event, and hopefully Sundance Film Festival USA will bring more festival hits to us - it's always a frustratingly long wait between reading about the films in late January, and actually getting to see them, and many don't even make it here. (As far as I know, 'Tyrannosaur' and 'Pariah', two hotly-buzzed films from Sundance 2011, have never pl…