Tako Cheena's Retro Location One Step Closer to Opening

By Mark Baratelli
On March 8th of this year the health department conducted a food licensing inspection of Tako Cheena at 948 N. Mills Ave. When a restaurant wants to open, it asks for this inspection. Having had the inspection and passing it, Tako Cheena is one step closer to an opening date (which hasn't been announced ever).

Also, Tako Cheena is applying for a second license for the same location. It is unknown for what purpose it's being attained. We've reached out to Tako Cheena with questions about the inspection and the second license.

It was June 2015 when Tako Cheena announced it was taking over the Mills50 retro restaurant spot. Exterior walls got painted. A food truck got parked out front.. And then nothing for two and a half years.

The original tenant of the funky fronted building was Chik-N-Pit which served fried chicken and BBQ. Most recently it housed Forbidden City restaurant.

The building is just two doors down from its first-ever location at 932 Mills Ave. It has one other location is inside a car dealership waiting room at 4241 N John Young Pkwy.

The very first Boy Kong art show and sale took place at the 932 Mills Ave location.

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The original tenant

Circa 2011