Lake Eola Fountain's Outdated Lighting to be Replaced with LED

Photo Credit: Us! The Daily City was invited to go inside the fountain by the City. 

By Mark Baratelli
Freeport Fountains, the company currently responsible for electrical, mechanical and computer maintenance of the Lake Eola fountain thanks to a 3 year contract awarded in 2017, will upgrade the fountain with new submersible LED lighting. The current system is outdated and is currently working at a 32% degradation rate with a potential risk of additional failure.

The estimated amount for the upgrade is $343,849.00 and comes with a one year warranty for equipment and workmanship. This goes before City Council for final approval April 16, 2018. 

Freeport Fountains was awarded a three year contract for fountain maintenance in 2017 at a cost of $162,555.92 per year. That cost was "based on prior usage reports and information provided by the primary user" according to documents released January 2017.

The detailed list of tasks involved in the upgrades: