VIDEO: Incredible Underground Trash Can in Downtown Kissimmee - First in the Nation

By Mark Baratelli
Six years after the City of Kissimmee installed 30 solar trash compactors, they topped themselves with the installation of underground containers April 2017 according to Click Orlando.

Going 11 feet underground, the containers are topped with a human-sized trash can and emptied by a large custom built truck with a huge arms that pulled the container straight up, swerves it over the top of the open-face truck, then releases its contents, much like a construction claw.

Kissimmee is the first City in the US to use this garbage collection solution, created by Underground Refuse Systems. 

Two months after the installation of these Kissimmee garbage containers last year, the City of Orlando announced their downtown was getting a solar trash compactors pilot program similar to 2011 downtown Kissimmee one.

The City is also working on sensors on these compactors and dumpster bins to dynamically schedule pick-ups. They have plans to expand to other walkable urban areas at the completion of the pilot according to Chris Castro, Director of Sustainability for the City. Castro shared the information at the June 14, 2017 Advisory Council meeting of the Downtown South Neighborhood Improvement District.

No word yet if City of Orlando will be getting any Underground Refuse Systems containers.

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Video Credit: Jeremy Lanier