Cambria Suites Hotel Final Staff Review Contains Retro Hits and Blank Wall Misses

By Mark Baratelli
After an August 2017 Appearance Review Board courtesy review and a March 2018 final review, Appearance Review Board Staff recommended approval with conditions for the Major Certificate of Appearance Approval Request for the Cambria Suites Hotel project at 170 E. Washington Street.

Cambria will be a 7 story, 155 room hotel with a roof bar, 82 parking spaces, a ground floor restaurant, an exterior amenity deck on the third floor and other associated ancillary uses.

During the August 2017 courtesy review, the ARB staff was "very pleased with the building design." They had a few concerns including the west facade being blank, the balancing of pedestrian and vehicle needs along E. Washington Street and how the realities of practical development requirements such as transformers, back flow preventers and stormwater systems may impact the final design and configuration along Washington Street.

After the courtesy review the applicant team collaborated with the ARB Staff to resolve several building functions, including: solid waste pick-up and loading and unloading areas and procedures. These discussions led to design solutions that increased the functionality and the appearance of the site.

During the March 2018 final review Staff showed excitement about newly added golden metal mesh covering the elevator tower on the Rosalind facade. Staff said it "delivers a more refined Mid-Century Modern feel to the hotel, retro and cool. The same metal mesh is also being used as a new treatment to screen the second level of the parking garage. The blank wall on the south facade remained unaddressed by the applicants. They must continue to work with staff to improve these ares prior to submittal of building permits.

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Final Review (March 2018)

Courtesy Review (August 2017)