Why This New Downtown 7-11 Will Have Pergolas

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By Mark Baratelli
A master plan for a 7-11 (with pergolas!) was approved by the Municipal Planning Board and goes before City Council February 26th. It will be located on two lots at 301 & 315 S. Orange Blossom Trail. It will have 6 fueling stations and a 3,010 sq ft store.

So why the pergolas?

Orange Blossom Trail is not listed as a Main Street and therefore falls under the Town Streets guidelines which means a maximum front yard setback of 15 ft. Staff and the applicant worked closely to creatively meet the maximum setback requirement of 15 ft. from Jackson St. to the north by designing an architectural addition in the form of a an open pergola to meet the spirit and intent of the Code.

The Pergolas will be at the corner of Jackson & OBT. The back of the store will be pointed at the Orlando Police Department building.

Each of the two lots is currently developed with auto repair centers. The proposal includes the demolition of these auto repair shops to develop the gas station and convenience store. A 3,654 sq ft warehouse built in 1950 at 315 S. OBT and another with 2,377 sq ft built in 1951 at 301 S. OBT will be demolished.