New Downtown Park with Food and Drink to Remain Open for 10 Years

The City will be leasing a vacant parcel of land for 10 years starting this month to be used as a pop up park and plaza. The property is located at 274 N. Orange Avenue. Dr. Phillips City Center, LLC owns the property and plans to develop the Property in the future but has agreed to lease it to the City.

No rent will be paid by the City. They will however pay the annual insurance fee of approximately $1,500 and will reimburse DPC approximately $17,269.82 annually for ad valorem taxes and stormwater utility fees imposed on the Property.

The park and plaza may include food and beverage service from third party providers. No food or beverages (other than water) shall be distributed from the Premises that is not paid for by the consumer at prices equivalent to those prices offered by business establishments in the Downtown Orlando Central Business District.

The City is allowed to do the following:
  1. enter into a management contract with a third-party vendor for the operation of an on-site food and beverage service 
  2. enter into a management contract with a third-party vendor for the operation of the park 
  3. allow third- parties to reserve all or part of the Premises for special events
The City is responsible for maintenance and cleaning of everything on the property.

No monuments, plaques, memorials, or tributes may be erected or maintained on the property.
At the end of the lease, the City won't remove the improvements made to the premises. They will become property of Dr. Phillips City Center, LLC.

The rendering below are preliminary and are not the final designs of the park.