MetroPlan Orlando's Corrine Drive Study Topic of Upcoming Community Meeting

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By Mark Baratelli
Corrine Calming Coalition has announced it has been asked to organize a neighborhood meeting to discuss the preliminary findings released by Metroplan Orlando of the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study.

Regular readers may recall The Daily City shared feedback recently from a small group of urban planners that called into question some of the numbers Metroplan Orlando used to create its determinations. In the study, according to Metroplan Orlando, over the next 20 years the the traffic growth rate will be 35% (1.5% per year). This would mean that for the 5-lane concepts (see below) the morning rush travel time would be about 6 minutes as it's been for the past 20 years and the 3-lane concept would be a 23.7 minute morning rush travel time.
  1. 5-Lane Concept
  2. 5-Lane Concept Variation
  3. 3-Lane Concept
  4. 3-Lane Concept Variation
  5. Hybrid Concept
  6. Hybrid Concept Variation
The neighborhood meeting will be Wednesday February 21 at 6pm in the community room at East End Market. Corrine Calming Coalition is "in the process of reaching out to other vested groups to have a wide array of interest and opinion..."