Farmers Market Selling Vendors' Items Online in St Pete

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By Ken Storey
With over 130 booths, the Saturday Morning Market in St. Pete is already the largest in the Southeast. With crowds reaching over 10,000 on many weekends, however, it might seem like a lot to wade through just to pick up some veggies.

Luckily the market just unveiled a new website with dozens of the products from the market on it. The sheer selection makes this online farmers market different than other home delivery producer vendors. From duck eggs to chipotle infused sea salt the site has dozens of local items. Also unlike most current local farmers’ market services, the site’s products come directly from actual vendors at the market. EBT and SNAP are accepted. 

Orders are accepted until Tuesday evening. Users select which of the two pick-up locations they wish to use then pick up their goods on Thursdays. 

Orlando has plenty of great local produce services, but this awesome vendor friendly online farmers market takes it to another level. In the meantime, we’re stuck with tons of “farmers’” markets filled with veggies grown hundreds of miles away and more plants than a big box store garden center. The Daily City tried to help fix that and more at the downtown farmers market to no avail.