Thousands of Downtown Residents Irritated 24/7 by Noise Machines

By Mark Baratelli
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UPDATE 12/6/17: There is now a community group called North Quarter United #StopTheSqueal. In 3 hours it gained 40 members.

Thousands of residents in the North Quarter of downtown Orlando are subjected non-stop 24/7 to squealing high pitched painful noise coming from the Orange County Bar Association building at 880 N Orange Avenue. The noise can be heard as far away as across the street.

The noise is coming from two tiny boxes attached to the front of the building, one at the corner and one near the center. Both boxes at different times emit a loud ping which then decreases in intensity. 

When we posted video in which the noise is audible (see below), one resident of the district and one coffee shop customer  commented that they, too, deal with the noise on a regular basis.

According to the OCBA employee we spoke with, the boxes are to keep dogs off their property. We were also informed by the front secretary that we were the second *ever* to complain about the noise. She refused to allow us to speak to someone in charge. She asked us to leave and threatened to call police. We reached out to the OCBA by phone and email and await a response.

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