Downtown North Quarter Residents Angry at Orange County Bar Association's Squeal Machines

By Mark Baratelli
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Thousands of North Quarter residents are subjected to non-stop 24/7 high pitched painful squealing coming from two small boxes attached to the Orange County Bar Association building at 880 N Orange Avenue. The noise can be heard across the street.

Listen to the sound here. 

The Orange County Bar Association's building has two boxes mounted to the front of the building, one at the center and one on the right) that emit the noise. Both boxes at the same time are emitting a loud ping which then decreases in intensity. They're on daily at all hours according to resident comments.

The Daily City spoke with the Bar Association's secretary who told us the noise is intentional, it's to keep dogs off their property and that this was only the second time they've ever received a complaint. She refused to allow us to speak to anyone else, claiming there was no one in the building which turned out to be false. An employee behind her said she could connect us with an employee who could help us, but she was in a meeting. We were given that employee's name and number. The Daily City's voicemail and email have gone unanswered.

On Wednesday December 6th, North Quarter resident Tim Lawrence organized a community facebook group called North Quarter United #StopTheSqueal in response to our Tuesday squeal story. In 12 hours the group gained 75 members.

Lawrence also called City of Orlando Code Enforcement and according to him, "there have already been multiple complaints about the Orange County Bar Association!."
  1. November 2016 - neighbors complaining of 24/7 alarm "piercing". 
  2. Similar complaint November 2017
Lawrence says in North Quarter resident facebook group, "Apparently the pitch is too high for their noise meter to pick up so it was initially ruled as: "Complaint cannot be addressed by code enforcement."

These resident responses came in from our Instagram video of the squealing:
  2. diazdaveThis noise is absolutely miserable. I literally can not even hear myself think when I’m outside of Credo coffee. 
  3. andrea_velotta I have been talking about this absurdly piercing sound for YEARS! I knew it was coming from that building, just never understood why. 
  4. justiceandthelaw my girlfriend and I hear it every day when we walk with my dog... People always complain that the North Quarter is dead and part of it might be the high pitched squeal constantly emitting.

More responses were posted to the story on Reddit in which Lawrence shared he was addressing the issue with the City:
  1. sutefanideluxe YES! As an NQ resident who has been annoyed by the beep for years, I salute you!
  2. Meowbitts I have always heard it, its very annoying, I don't know how people live on that side of the park north building that is steps away
  3. flowart33 Dude, I hate this noise so much. I walk by there constantly and usually cross the street to the tavern just to stay away.
  4. sightaggression Up until two weeks ago I lived on the 3rd floor of Nora with my bedroom and living room windows overlooking this building. If I opened any window in my apartment I could hear this VERY loudly. My girlfriend was unable to hear it at all, however.

The two squeal boxes are highlights in this Google Maps image.