Micro-Urban Farm to Store "Finished" Compost on 2 City-Owned Lots

By Mark Baratelli
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Fleet Farming is a non-profit working on the Farmers Market Promotion Program Grant (a Green Works-run project). They'll be getting a 1 to 2 year temporary use permit to store mulch and compost at two City-owned lots at 716 W. Jefferson St and 123 McQuigg Ave. (two lots comprising one corner site) while they set up operation at other micro-urban farm sites in the area.

Every residential lot in Parramore owned by the City

Fleet Farming would not be actively composting on the site so smell would not be an issue. (The compost will be "finished." It will not have raw food material and will smell like dirt.) The piles of mulch and compost would be no higher than 4 feet. The lots themselves are not fenced in but some of the surrounding properties have fences that border the east side of the lot. Also, the applicant indicates:
"The compost and mulch will be left in piles rather than bins to make it easier to access and redistribute these resources. We are planning to have at most 5 or 6 piles that will be no higher than 4 ft. tall. The piles will remain for two to three weeks at a time. Members from Fleet Farming will be taking truckloads of mulch and compost throughout the week. Additional drops will not be made until the existing piles have been depleted. As an added benefit to the appearance of the property, we will ensure that the piles do not accumulate outside debris and pick up any existing trash on the lots."

IDEAS is an Orlando-based non-profit organization and accredited NGO of the United Nations which creates global environmental solutions through local action and operates a Fleet Farming program addressing access to food in Orlando by operating micro urban farm sites in West Orlando and in the neighborhood of Parramore as part of the City of Orlando Sub-recipient Agreement USDA Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program Grant (a Green Works-run project).