Do Not "Dramatically Impact Stirling International Real Estate's Brand Visibility"

By Mark Baratelli
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Yes it's a slow news day. Stirling International Real Estate applied for a zoning variance for a sign they wish to place in the front of the 2-story 2,616 sq ft Thornton Park building built in 1999 they're leasing at 24 N. Summerlin:
  1. Design Variance to allow a 6-ft. tall 7.5 sq. ft. pylon sign in the Traditional City (T) Overlay, where such a sign is prohibited; and 
  2. Variance of 6 ft. to allow said pylon sign to be 6.5 ft. from the front lot line, where a minimum 12.5 ft. setback is required
There's already a prohibited pylon sign present. The new sign has to go in the space the current sign is in because a retention pond is directly behind it. The sign cannot be placed in the retention pond. There is a whole list of details the board goes through we included at the bottom of this article. 

Also, the applicant added this: 
"By denying our variance request will dramatically impact Stirling International Real Estate's Brand visibility from traffic and clients within the immediate area."

The City Council and the Board of Zoning Adjustment approved the variances. The City only received one letter in opposition. The building is owned by Luthra Enterprises.

Board of Zoning Adjustment Members:
  1. William Wilson (Chairperson) 
  2. Roberta Fennessy [2/0] (Vice Chairperson) 
  3. Chris Carmody
  4. Dawn Evans-Hall
  5. Steven Heller
  6. Thomas Jensen
  7. Scott Lloyd 
  8. Brian Pieters 
  9. Guy Sanchez 

The sign: 

Look at all they go through just for a sign: