2 More Shepard Fairey/Obey Giant Billboards Go Up

We told you December 19, 2017 that the artwork of Shepard Fairey/Obey Giant was popping up on Orlando billboards owned by Outfront Media. Fairey created, among many years' worth of memorable and wonderful pieces, the iconic Obama "Hope" poster. The photos are from an employee of Outfront Media.

This piece uses colors and art from Fairey's 2015 Paris show Earth Crisis. The show hung at the Eiffel Tower. Read more about the show. "Between November 20th and December 11th of 2015, Shepard Fairey has unveiled his last artwork : « Earth Crisis », a giant sphere suspended between the first and second levels of the Eiffel Tower taking the environment as its subject. It is a powerful artistic gesture for Paris as the host of the COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change. This project was conceived and set up by La Galerie Itinerrance and is a result of the coming together of the firm commitment to sustainable development of the artist, of Paris City Hall and of the Eiffel Tower Operating Company." Photo Credit  | Source

This billboard is based on a 2017 24 x 35 inch piece is called Welcome Visitor with bits of Papers Please. Both were a part of Damaged at Library Street Collective in Los Angles. This mural in Costa Mesa also features aspects of Welcome Visitor.  "DAMAGED takes aim at another hindrance to reformative communication: social media. For what should be the most meaningful platform for important discussion ever created, discourse has fallen secondary to self-indulgence and celebrity: “Even prior to the election, I’ve been troubled by the social media mentality of ‘construct your own reality’ in superficial terms, at least. The internet and social media are valuable for democratization, but as Marshall McLuhan warned with his—”the medium is the message”—the rapid pace and temporary nature of social media can lead to throwaway approaches from the consumer and the creator...'" Photo Credit