1939 Home in SODO to Get New Neighbor and Narrower Lot

Infield Development Group LLC applied for a replat of the .28 acre property at 315 E Kaley St. in SODO into two separate lots. The existing home, built in 1939, located on the eastern side of the property will be retained and a new home will be constructed on the new western lot. The proposed widths for both lots is narrower than the code minimum (Lot A is proposed to be 50 ft. in width at the street and 40.35 ft. at the rear property line; Lot B is proposed to be 62.62 ft. in width at the street and 36.72 ft. at the rear property line. Both lots exceed the minimum lot depth and size for lots in the R-1/T zoning district. This will be presented at the January 16 meeting of the Municipal Planning Board.