10 Things to Know This Week

10 Things to Know This Week
  1. How Much of Parramore Does the City Own?
  2. Food Hall Plans Scrapped Due to Existence of Other Restaurants
  3. New $650,000 Microbrewery Opens Near Airport
  4. Publix's GreenWise Markets Returning
  5. Coffee & Retail Going Into Lombardi's Old Spot
  6. 3-Story Bumby Ave Townhomes May be Coming
  7. 3-Story Park Ave Townhomes Come With Elevators
  8. SODO Panera Bread Moving into East Coast Wings Building
  9. Armando's in Winter Park Gets 17 Health Violations
  10. Sprouts Grocery Store "Very Disappointing" to City Architect

Mark slaps the sandwich out of downtown developers on this week's 5-minute Orlando Opinions podcast: Play Episode 16