Warehouses Built in 1940 to be Demolished for Self-Storage

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By Mark Baratelli
Cedarwood Development plans on demolishing a set of three concrete cinder block warehouses in the SODO District built in 1940 and one built in 1957 to make way for a new six-story self-storage facility at 924 Sligh Blvd.
  1. Building 1 - built in 1940, 16,676 sq ft, 1 story
  2. Building 2 - built in 1940, 3,655 sq ft, 2 stories
  3. Building 3 - built in 1940, 6,033 sq ft, 1 story
  4. Building 4 - built in 1957, 7,053 sq ft, 1 story
The materials used in the construction of these 1940s and 1957 warehouses are described as Inexpensive and Minimal by the Orange County Property Appraiser. The property is almost 1 acre.

Brian Grassa, Senior Director of Development at Cedarwood, submitted a request for a Conditional Use Permit. It will be presented at the December 19th meeting of the Municipal Planning Board.