Nasty Old SODO McDonalds to be Knocked Down and Rebuilt Like That Nasty Old SODO Arbys

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By Mark Baratelli
CphCorp submitted a Master Plan Request to knock-down and rebuild the existing McDonalds at 2504 S Orange Ave in SODO District with a dual drive-thru lane. The new building will be 4,500 sq ft. The request will be heard at the December 19th Municipal Planning Board meeting.

An Arbys a few doors down just got the same knock down rebuild treatment as shown in The Daily City's video architectural analyzation filmed days prior to its grand opening. We hope to do the same with this McDonalds.

Once the new McDonalds is built we will give it the architectural once over as we did with the brand new SODO Arbys seen in the video above. You're welcome.