Church Street Plaza High-Rise Will Become Downtown's Sunrail Station

By Mark Baratelli

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Church Street Plaza at 255 S. Garland Avenue is a 28 story* mixed use development coming to the corner of W. South Street and S. Garland Ave. in Downtown Orlando. In October 2017 the project name was changed from Tremont Tower to Church Street Plaza after Lincoln Properties purchased the subject property.

The building includes the following:
  1. Sunrail station
  2. 180 room AC Hotel by Marriott on 6 floors plus a sky lobby that houses check-in and hotel amenity functions on two floors
  3. 2 story exterior terrace on the 18th and 19th floors set back from the south fa├žade approximately 50 ft purposed for hotel use
  4. 4,400 sq ft Restaurant with outdoor dining on the ground floor
  5. 7,000 sq ft of Retail space
  6. 200,000 +/ square feet of office space on 7 floors
  7. 605 parking spaces on 9 floors 
  8. Hotel lobby on the ground floor for direct access up to the check-in level
  9. Separate office building lobby allowing pedestrian access during business hours through the building from S. Garland Ave to the future Sunrail Platform. 
* According the sales flyer its 28 stories. OBJ says its 26 stories. Downtown Orlando says its 25 stories.