West Art District for Lease

Updated Oct 8, 2017

The West Art District gaggle of charmingly mismatched buildings, warehouses and garages built in 1955 is for lease. The property is 2.02 acres with 45,000 total square feet of leasable space. The owner, Unlimited Prosperity Group headed by Gil Ramos, is open to discussing both lease rate and amount of space requested.

The West Art District is a collection of buildings covered in City-approved urban murals on a 2.02 acre property at 1011 W Central Boulevard (MAP). The longterm plan for the property, according to the listing, is "to be a catalyst for a larger arts district in this area of Parramore similar to what was done in Wynwood in Miami."

Allowable uses per zoning:

  1. Manufacturing 
  2. Warehouse/Showroom 
  3. Office 
  4. Retail 
  5. Eating and Drinking 
  6. Parking/Principal use 
  7. Automotive 
  8. Entertainment 
  9. Adult Entertainment 
  10. Medical/Dental labs 
  11. Major Vehicle 
  12. Shooting range 
  13. Personal Services 
  14. Pain Management Clinics 

See more photos of the West Art District here: Photos | Photos.