Short Term Rental Activity in Residential Districts Requested by Orlando Planning Division

Edited 10/12/17

The City of Orlando Planning Division is requesting an Amendment to the Short Term Rental Land Development Code to allow “hosted” short-term rental visits of a single booking in residential zoning districts. Hosted means there is a homeowner or tenant occupying the primary residence.

However, state laws limit the City’s ability to amend our ordinances. In 2011, the Florida legislature passed new laws preventing local governments from passing new rules for short-term rentals, and further refined this preemptive language in 2014. The statute provides that local rules that existed prior to 2011 are “grandfathered” and are unaffected by the state’s new laws.

Short term rentals are currently allowed in the City of Orlando, but not in residential zoning districts. The City is currently enforcing the illegal use of short-term rentals on a complaint basis.

If your home is located in a non-residential zoning district, or zoning districts where multi-family residential is allowed, you may be able to rent out your home as a Commercial Dwelling Unit for a length of stay between seven and 30 days.

And don't think this is in just in the City Orange County’s zoning and short term rental ordinances only allow for short-term rentals in approximately 4% of the county.

This project is tentatively scheduled for a public hearing at the Municipal Planning Board on November 21, 2017. (City Hall 2nd floor, City Council Chambers, 8:30AM).

City of Orlando Press Secretary Cassandra Lafser told The Daily City "We are still very much in the research phase and there are not a lot of specifics at this time. We are working towards bringing something forward later this year or early next year."