Scan and Go is Only Available in Lake Nona Because It's Better Than Your Neighborhood

Lake Nona is the new downtown Orlando, the area where Amazon should go, micro-apartments will flourish, a mega-lagoon will be built and all that medical and sports stuff is doing whatever. It's the epicenter of our City's change, the end all be all, Alpha and Omega.

So it makes sense that the ONLY area of Orlando Wal Mart has deigned worthy of placing its newest technology is Lake Nona.

What they're testing is called Scan & Go. It works both on personal smartphones and Walmart-provided handheld devices. Customers are greeted on their way into the store by a large bank of these Scan & Go wands, and new digital produce scales have been added to make scanning weighable items easier. The Scan & Go fast pass checkout lanes allow customers to bypass the traditional checkout process. (SOURCE)

Other fun stuff Wal Mart is working on (not in Lake Nona):
  1. A new appointment and ordering kiosk system at the deli allows customers to you place their order, go shopping, then return for pick up. If the tests work in the deli area then they could expand it to pharmacy, Auto Care Center, beauty salon (Wal MArt has a beauty salon?) or anywhere ordering and appointment setting occurs.
  2. Extended Aisles: At the end of each aisle is an interactive screes offering access to an extended curated selection of online-only items in almost 100 categories. Customers can order products, pay with the rest of their basket at checkout and pick up two days later.
  3. Next-Gen Call Buttons: Shoppers simply press a Wi-Fi-connected call button and wearable GPS-enabled devices alert associates that assistance is needed. Associates wearing these devices are trained in specific store areas and are on call to help in the furniture, paint, fabrics, sporting goods and bikes areas of the store.
  4. Voice Shopping: Customers can shop more than 2 million Walmart items by using their voice with Google Home.

This is in Oklahoma City:

Their Click and Collect is in 1,000 stores already